Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oh Paul Walker

Last night Jason and I went to see Fast and the Furious #7.

It was exactly what I expected.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I've seen all of the other F&F movies but this one was true to form.  Entertainment surrounded by cheesy lines, fast cars, unrealistic fights, and half naked girls.

What I wasn't expecting, how much the ending affected me.  Don't get me wrong, I knew I would cry.  I knew that it would tug at my heart strings but I had no idea how much it would.

As we walked out of the new IMAX theater by Utah Lake, golden hour was just starting.  The warm hue that casted long shadows across the valley and lake was unbelievably beautiful.  It was for a lack of better word, magical.

I can't imagine anyone of my generation being able to escape the feeling of loss and emptiness at the death of Paul Walker. But as the tears just kept flowing I kept searching for the reason why?  Why in the world was this affecting me so much?  This guy, although started with a similar background to us, was completely different in the end.  This guy that clearly was a complete stranger.  This guy that really didn't change or alter my life at all.  This guy that really is just some character I probably created in my head.  Why in the world was I so sad at his death?

I feel like Paul Walker was for better or for worse the model child for my generation.   Although my high school experience was nothing like the movie, "She's All That" it probably is the best example of what I idolized and dreamed of as a 15 year old girl when it came out in the 1999.  I am sure I feel about that movie the same as my dad feels about the movie American Graffiti.  It romanticized my generation.  I mean what girl didn't dream of turning from a nobody to the prom queen?

So my best conclusion on why the movie and the death of Paul affected me so much is because my generation, we viewed Paul Walker as one of us.  And it's hard to see one of us gone.  It makes us feel more vulnerable, more fragile, more susceptible to a similar fate.  It's like part of our youth that we cherish is gone.  And of course as one of my favorite lines of my high school experience goes, "Well I guess this is growing up."

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goddessdivine said...

Oh I am seeing this movie on Tuesday. I'm excited. I would have seen it opening night but its opening weekend was the beginning of Spring Break. I've seen the last few on opening night w/ some friends. (We are fans of the franchise.) I own them all (well, except #3, because let's be honest, a FF w/o Paul Walker and Vin Diesel is just not a FF).

I was sooooo sad when I learned of his death. Not only is he really good eye candy but he was actually a really good person. Kind of a rarity in Hollywood. His death was tragic.

And I totally love "She's All That". Classic teen movie.