Monday, April 20, 2015

Don't Waste Your Time on Politics, he said Chase Skirts Instead.

And old man gave me a tip he said,
"Don't waste your time with politics" he said
"Chase short skirts instead.
And life is too short, and you're almost dead" he said.
Lyrical Lies by Cute is What We Aim For

Wise wise advice.

I've been discourage for some time now.  Probably since I learned enough about history and our government to see the handwriting on the wall on where we are headed.

But today, as I have tried to make my motto for sometime now, I don't want to talk principles of good government, I don't want to debate which presidential candidate would be the lesser of two evils, I don't even want to talk about the direction of our civilization.

Today I am discouraged because I am shocked at how difficult it is for people, especially educated people, to come to a common ground of truth.

I've really tried hard in the past few years to steer clear of any type of political debate.  Sadly this has not always been the case for me.  When I first discovered what I firmly believe is truth, I used to try and shout it out from the roof tops.  I felt like I had a duty to make sure that everyone around me knew the truth!  I felt it my duty because I thought that if only people were exposed to the correct principles, the correct ideas, the truth in my opinion, they'd jump on my platform and help spread it with me.

I look back and laugh at my stupidity and how ridiculously naive I was.

Now rarely do I get involved in any type of political debate or discussion because I have learned it is just like Bible Bashing, it does absolutely no good.  No one changes their opinions.  No one walks away a winner.  And in the end there are only hurt feelings and stronger, tougher walls of opposition.

I had to learn this again this week.  I had to learn there is no use in trying to reason with people with opposing views.  There is no benefit in trying and prove anything.  It does no good.  This is really really hard for me.  It's hard for me on a daily basis to sit back and listen to, conform to, and sadly even sometimes promote things that I completely disagree with.  Because at the end of the day, I truly believe that there are absolute God given, or God followed, Truths.

And I am so sad that the more education one seems to gain, it doesn't necessarily bring a common ground, often times it takes us in polar opposite directions.  And right now I am questioning, why?

Now the easy answer would be to say, "Satan."

And you know, maybe because it is such an easy answer it is the right answer.  But honestly, I don't know.  Sometimes I feel like Satan is given far too much credit.

And so I am still sitting here wondering.  Is there such a thing as Absolute Truth?  And if so, why oh why oh why is it that the more education gained by a person is that idea of Absolute Truth so difficult to agree upon?

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