Monday, January 12, 2015


*** Spoiler Alert*** Don't read this if you are planning on watching Magic in the Moonlight.  Which for the record, I highly recommend despite its mediocre to horrible reviews.  Even as we were watching it with my family my dad kept saying, "I don't understand why the critics didn't love this movie."  It is a beautiful movie with wonderful music and a fun story.  So if I have convinced you at all to consider watching it, stop reading.  Be prepared to see Mr. Darcy in all his glory.  Relish in it, love it, because if you are like me, I just can't get enough of him.

So the movie.  I just love everything about the movie.  Beyond the 20's music, the gorgeous French Rivereria, and even Colin Firthe, I loved the movie because of the message.  It hits on a message that I feel so passionately about.  I know it's not true of everyone.  Some are much more fortunate than me, they are just believers.  They just naturally know.  Lucky ducks.  But then again I am so grateful for the lesson I seem to learn over and over and over again.  Choosing to believe is so much better than the alternative.

I love this concept so much.  A life of belief gives us hope that all the logic and reason in the world can't replace.  I want to believe.  I love that in this movie so visably we can see how much better Stanley's life is when he lets in a bit of magic.  Often times I think of Will Durant an athiest philosopher and historian that I love so dearly.  He suggests that religion throughout history has been used to keep the lower classes pacified.  That's a gnarly idea when I think about it.  A way to keep people whose lives are typically pretty darn miserable at bay.  Keep them working in the fields.  Keep them sweeping the gutters.  Give them a false hope in a future that doesn't actually really exist.

I have had to wrestle with this idea quite a bit.  Is a belief in a God or an after life just magic?  A way of amusing ourselves until we are dead?

And for this exact reason I absolutely loved this movie so much.  I mean, I can understand why someone would suggest it is blasphemous.  Stanley knew that Sophie was a fake, a fraud.  But he decided a life with her, a life with a little bit of magic is way better than a life soley based off reason and logic.  It's a good reminder from time to time.  We all need a little magic.

"I have irrational positive feelings for Sophie Baker."

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