Friday, January 16, 2015


I was just reading one of my favorite bloggers talk about hard things.  She and her family just spent the last 4 months in Shanghai.  It's been amazing reading their journey.

The post I was reading was kind of her final post about their experience in China.  I was so touched by this paragraph.

This trip has changed us in so may ways.  It has opened our eyes and knit together our hearts.  It has taught us so much gratitude.  For cultures.  For differences.  For languages.  For the world.  For growth from trials.  For HOME.  And for FAMILY.  It has been tough.  We came here with eyes wide open that it would be hard, but how can you really brace yourself for "hard" when you don't even know what kind of "hard" is coming your way?  But oh how grateful I am for all we have learned in the process.  

All the time we do things, or hopefully some times, we do things that we know will be hard.  It's one thing to know that something will be hard, it's another thing to face that same hard thing day in and day out for a long period of time.

We make decisions all the time is a more accurate description of life.  We try to have our eyes wide open to the difficulties or challenges ahead.  Of course sometimes we still get blindsided.  But often I think it is the challenges that we willingly take on that can wear on us the most.  We chose it.  We thought we were strong enough.  We thought we could handle the challenges.  But especially when it's a different kind of hard than we are used to, how do we brace ourselves?  How do we find the strength?

The other day I got an email from the PTA president saying I was nominated to be the teacher of the year.  I had to smile when she sent me a list of questions to answer, pretty much saying, "Go ahead tell us why you should be the teacher of the year."

One of the questions was, "Why did you become a teacher?"  How do you answer that?  How do you describe the inner burning I've had my whole life to spread truth and inspire others?

Another question, "What do you like most about teaching?"  How do you describe the satisfaction that comes from helping someone recognize truth or learn a little bit more about themselves because of a lesson learned?  Especially how do you answer that in an email in 2-3 sentences? Maybe I should have copy and pasted this post?

Teaching is definitely one of those things that you think you understand the challenges that will come, you think you can brace yourself.  And then time in and time out you are surprised by how hard it can be.

I wrote this post yesterday morning..... and it's so funny how thoughts can change so much from day to day.  This morning all I keep thinking is the joy of when hope comes shining through.

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Camile said...

I love that you read the Eyre daughter's blogs too. They really are so good. Congrats on your teacher of the year nomination!