Monday, December 1, 2014


I've been thinking a lot about the concept of time.  Why sometimes time moves so fast while other times.... like while holding a plank for instance.... time seems to stand completely still.  So I guess more than actual time, I've been thinking about our perception of time.  Based off of years or experiences an amount of time might seem large or small.  Time seems to be one of the most significant challenges of this existence.  Waiting or enduring.  It's all based around time.

Last night we went to see Intersellar.  We watched it in an IMAX theater.  When I saw the price of the tickets I thought to myself, "This better be as good as Disneyland"  Shockingly, for the girl who doesn't care for movies, it did not disappoint.

Of course it wasn't the special effects, unique sci-fi story, or amazing cinematography that blew my mind, it was the raw candid view of human nature that rocked my world.  It is that that kept me up all night thinking.

I'll try not to be a spoiler but I have to write about it because I can't stop thinking about it.

The two most innate and distinct characteristics of life is the desire to survive and to love.   But really I almost feel like we could say the only purpose to survive is to love.  And I think something the movie said was completely true.  Time can't touch that.  This concept of love.  It's unbelievably powerful.

But the part of the movie that has rocked my world the most was the villain of the movie.  Logically he wanted to do the right thing.  He did.  He understood what was right, initially he chose right.  But his innate desires were so powerful that over time logic could not win.  Time wore down his will power turning him into a monster.

I think time does this to all of us.  Wears us down to our bare bones, exposing us for what we truly are.  I guess this is why we call this life a test.  The test of time.  To see if no matter the trial, no matter the challenge, we will choose to stand where we are supposed to be.  This is where what we choose to love becomes so important because I think that is what will determine what our bare bones expose.

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