Thursday, December 4, 2014


Our Thanksgiving break started off with a bang.  My favorite Uncle Nils gave a talk in church on gratitude.  I wish I could remember the whole talk, I really do.  Maybe I will ask him for a copy.  But my favorite part (that I can currently remember) was him talking about he is so grateful for.  He is so grateful for the fact that his entire life he has always felt like he is apart of something.  That in a world of so much confusion and constant identity crisis he always knew he had somewhere he belonged.

This Thanksgiving Nils helped me remember how lucky I am to feel the same.  
I love rows of Palm Trees... and this might be my favorite in Fallbrook.

Sunday after church in Glendora Jason and I drove down to Fallbrook to have a Thanksgiving dinner with Jason's parents, brother, sister's family, and his grandma.  Jason's mom always puts on the most amazing Thanksgiving dinners!  The highlights for me this year was the turkey (brined for 3 days creating the most amazing moist, tasty meat ever) and of course the sweet potatoes!

Monday morning Jason went to visit the dentist (his dad) so I went for a run around his dad's office in Vista.  Having never spent much time in Vista I of course really had no idea where to run.  It got a little fishy when even the churches had bars on the windows..... 

But it was the most beautiful day!  Perfectly sunny and hot.  Just the way I like it!  I had seen a fun looking hike on Instagram or something months ago and so Jason and I went to find it.  It was hilarious reading the Yelp reviews of this hike.  So southern California.  The hike was 6 miles total but people wrote about how you need gallons of water, food for 2 days, hiking boots, hiking sticks.... in other words they were making it sound like you were climbing Kilimanjaro.   I laughed.  Luckily... Jason insisted we take at least 1.5 liters of water.... I probably would have gone with none.  Like I said it was a hot day.  No shade.  And the hike was actually a little bit more intense than I was expecting.  It was probably like hiking 3/4 of angels landing.... but still definitely not as difficult as the reviews made it out to be.

So the whole point of the hike is to get to this:

Sadly there was the most annoying 16 year old girl you can possibly imagine at the top, and if Jason had to listen to her for one more minute he was going to lose it... alas, only a picture of me at the potato chip rock.  No Jason.  But it was a fun little adventure.

When we go to California we find it completely necessary to eat as many tacos as  possible.  Here is our first experience.

The next day Jason wanted to go climbing..... after a rough hike trying to get to the climb (which we never actually got to) we decided to bag it, hit up our favorite beach side Taco restaurant Johnny Mananas in Oceanside and relax at the beach.  They might have my favorite Horchata ever.... yes I am quite the connoisseur of horchata.

Later that night we went to dinner with Jason's parents and went to an outdoor mall in Carlsbad.  I don't know why but one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is Christmas decorations mixed with palm trees.... for me this is heaven.

The next day we drove up to Corona Del Mar to hit up the beach with the Lindstroms.  It was the most incredible day at the beach!  No wind, heat, and my personal favorite NO WAVES!   (I know, total drag for Jason and others that like to surf...) but it was amazing!  I got further into the ocean than I have in years!  (Since the infamous Huntington Beach incident of 2003.... where I got saved by a life guard.)  The water was so ridiculously clear you could see schools of fish, sea shells, and even a snail in the water!  I had no idea the Pacific Ocean in southern California could be so wonderful!
Oh Laguna you never cease to amaze.

A quick fish taco at Wahoo's in Laguna for breakfast. :)

I love Corona del Mar

The next day was Thanksgiving.  It was an amazing beautiful day.  California sure knows how to do fall.... I know many people would disagree  but sunshine and palm trees are always my favorite.  Dinner wasn't until late afternoon so after making my favorite Banana Cream Pie (with one major addition...) recipe  Jason and I went to explore a little bit of LA.  The traffic in LA is always so horrendous that we rarely travel around LA much.  (Well, besides the airports) SO we decided to go get another picture for my Where in the World is Mrs. B wall.  I can't believe I've never been close enough to take a good picture with the Hollywood sign.  

 Then we decided to go drive around the rich areas of Beverly Hills.  I don't know what I expected.... but it was EXACTLY like Fresh Prince.  I seriously wouldn't have been surprised if Will Smith came walking out of a house with a backwards hat rapping about a cab with dice in the mirror....
Every street was lined with beautiful palm trees and ridiculously high hedges to give privacy.
Of course Thanksgiving dinner was incredible.  It was probably the smallest Thanksgiving gathering at Loraine's house.... but to make Loraine feel better we called it, "The Best of" the thanksgiving party.

Sadly this is my only picture of Thanksgiving.  But it was super amazing and fun.  The highlights were the amazing rolls!

The next day Jason and I went rock climbing.  Jason found an amazing granite rock quarry in Riverside (40 minutes from Glendora).  I am sure we will be hitting that up every time.  
Just belayin'...

After we drove to the other side of the valley to eat at my favorite place... possibility in all over Southern California.  I feel like you can never trust any business that brags "the world's best"...... except these Tacos!!!!  This place never ceases to amaze...........

But the highlight of the entire trip........

Raine put up a cute new picture wall of her kids.  Nils thought it was funny to print out a picture of Jason and I and put it on the wall..... yes.  I have officially arrived!

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