Sunday, December 7, 2014

Do you have kids?

Last night we went to a high school basketball game.  My high school basketball team.  I know that sounds ridiculous to claim a basketball team.  But I do.  And this team is it.

I've often tried to describe why I love high school basketball so much.  A group of sophomores and juniors came to visit the other day and I promised I'd make it to their game.  So we walked into the gym at the end of the JV game... We walked in to watch a cute little guy make a 3 pointer to tie the game with 2 minutes left.  The joy, the high fives, the hugs.... and even better when the other team scored and then with .8 seconds left a boy got fouled shooting a three pointer. 3 made foul shots to win the game. The parents in the crowd patting the dad on the back, hugging the kid's mom. Too bad we were sitting with the other teams section... But still. So badly I want Jason to get it. The fun that comes from high school sports.

We then moved to the PG section. We decided to sit on the parents side of the basketball court... because I'm getting old!  I don't want to have to stand to see the game!  It was a really fun game.  Of course I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Jason just laughed because he's never seen me like this.  I just wish he would have seen what I was like when one of my little brothers was playing.  It's like I was playing the game with them.

Anyway, probably around half time a mom sitting next to me turned and said, "Do you have a son on the team?"  I'm sure she was so confused why this 31 year old girl she doesn't recognize is jumping, cheering, yelling like she really cares.... The only logical explanation she could come up with is I must have a son on the team....

I smiled.  She didn't recognize me.  I said, "I was Ethan's (her son) history teacher last year."  She said, "Oh... history and geography?  I remember Ethan telling me he really liked you.  Sorry I never came to parent teacher conference.  Since Ethan had a 4.0 I figured there was no reason to go."  I laughed, "No thank you for not coming!  I never know what to tell parents like you other than your kid is great and I'm lucky to be able to teach him!"  She laughed.

The crowd got loud.  Someone made a shot, or maybe one of my boys was fouled and the ref didn't call it.  I don't know.  But our conversation stopped.

When the crowd quieted down again she said, "So.... (clearly still kinda confused why this 31 year old junior high teacher dragged her husband to a high school basketball game) do you guys have kids?"

Very touchy subject.

I smiled, "No, not yet."

She smiled not really knowing how to respond.  So I tried to help her out.  Tried to explain why we were at the game.  I said, "Actually Ethan and a bunch of the basketball players came to visit me the other day and asked me to come to the game."

She said, "Oh!  I remember Ethan telling me he went to the junior high and I couldn't figure out why!  It was to see you!" I'm sure she was confused why her high school son would want to go back to the junior high. No one likes jr high. I understand why she was confused.

I don't have kids.

But sometimes, like last night, I remember how lucky I am to get to be a part of such great kids lives.  I almost had tears in my eyes when I heard, "PARSON!!!!" being yelled across the basketball court from the student section and I look over and see 15 old students on the front row waving and yelling trying to get my attention.  Or the look on the face of the players when they saw I came.  How exciting that little act was to them.

I love knowing that I affected these kids. I love knowing that even if so insignificantly that they don't tell their parents that much about me.... That I did affect them. I did influence them. And hopefully because of me their journey has been a little bit better.

And some days.... I just really need that.

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goddessdivine said...

Wow. You have a totally different teaching experience than I do. ;-0