Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The other day I was listening to a talk by President Monson on my way to work about Obedience. I was thinking about why it is so important. I guess I always thought it was our way to prove to God we loved Him and wanted to serve Him. Although I think that's true... I am learning the strength it gives us.

I was thinking about how really when it comes down to it, it's the obedience that gives us so much comfort and peace within the Gospel. Once we get over the idea that if we are obedient we will be "blessed" with everything going our way, we can see the value even more clearly. I was reminded of this again when I got "blindsided". Now that things have calmed down and test results are back I can say once again, I don't have a threatening cancer.  But what if I did?  What if I was facing a horrible awful disease?

What I love about obedience is the comfort and peace it can bring into our lives. Sure it doesn't mean things will go our way but it does mean that God is on our side and in the end that is all that matters. The ultimate example to me of this was when someone I love possibly had a very dangerous health problem that could easily quickly kill the person. The person's response, "If that's God's will then it'll be okay". She wasn't even just saying it. She really meant it with everything in her. Talk about faith. I
believe that kind of faith comes from years and years of obedience.  I gained an understanding of the principle of the 10 Virgins in a way I hadn't previously understood. Years and years of obedience gives us confidence in the Lord and His plan.

So my new goal in life. Be a more letter of the law obedience kinda person. Why? Because man oh man, sometimes faith is all we have and I need the peace that comes with it. 

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