Saturday, November 1, 2014

How we spend most our free time...

I remember when she told me.  I was blown away.  I was actually really confused.  But most important, I just didn't understand.  What did she that was so confusing, "We just got season tickets to the semi pro hockey team."

This kindred spirit of mine.... I'd known for years.  And let's be honest, I kinda pride on trying to really understand the people around me.  You know, what makes them tick, what brings them joy, you know what "their" meaning of life is.  So when she said she was going to be spending almost every Friday night all winter long watching sweaty men dance around on ice just waiting for a fight.... I was shocked.

But now that I'm married I get it.

In marriage you have two options, join in on your husband's hobbies... or spend a lot of time apart. For some women, they love that time apart!  They love to get to do the things they love to do.  But of course, my never ending crisis in my life, I don't like hobbies.  I've written a post, I don't believe I posted, on being a jack of all trades but a master of none.  I have a guitar, a DSLR camera, cookbooks, a road bike, intellectual books, heck I even have knitting needles.  I can kinda do a lot of things, but am passionate about none of them.  I don't actually really care about doing anything..... I just like doing something as long as I can do it with people.

Even Disneyland.  It's about the people.

So when Jason decided to get back into rock climbing... I had two options.  Be scared of heights and spend a lot of time alone or.... get over it.  I can't say I have gotten over it.... or even close but I do absolutely love being outside, hiking, and getting to be with Jason.  So I guess you could say I love it.

Fall Break we headed to southern Utah.  First Jason was excited to do a climb up Cedar Mountain.
I love driving up Cedar Mountain.... especially in the fall.
Here is the only picture taken of the actually climb though..... you can't really tell but this is a cute little hole that I cuddled up in while not belaying.

The next day we headed down to Zion to repel down the side of Angels Landing.  I always love this hike.  The repel.... started super easy, but then got a lot scarier.
We looked so official with our rope "backpacks".  This first picture is the beginning of the climb.  It was very easy repelling.  Since we were in this cute little canyon area it didn't feel high up or scary.
But once we got out of the canyon area.... that was another story.  Some might find it a shame but I did not look down the ENTIRE time we were on the face of the cliff.  If I just focused up or straight at the wall I didn't have to worry.
Sadly we really couldn't get cool pictures. (because we were both holding on for dear life.)  So badly I wish we could have gotten a picture of us both slowly descending the last 120 feet that were a free fall...

But oh well.  Instead this last picture was where we landed at the end.  It was super cool to see an area of Zion that I have never seen before or never would have if we didn't repel.
It was on this climb that I realized I need approach shoes.  (Don't worry I didn't know what approach shoes were either) Up to this point in all of Jason and I's adventures I've always just worn old running shoes... not the best traction.  So finally, I let Jason buy me some approach shoes on eBay.
Yes.... not pretty in the slightest, but I think this officially makes me a climber.  So here we go.......

Oh here are two pictures I should throw in one of from my trail run a couple weeks ago and one from a bike ride up the canyon.  I really am so freaking lucky to live where I do.  I love the beauty that Provo Canyon has to offer.  If only it didn't snow..................

One more picture for the prettiest view while we were climbing the other night.  I'm sure some people think I am crazy for climbing.  Especially with my fear of heights.  But seriously, I love being outside.  And this is hard to explain but usually I am only outside to run or bike.  But there is only so long you can be outside biking or running before you are too tired.  I love climbing because it gives you another excuse to be outside.  I love nature.  I love seeing the leaves change, I love watching the sunset, I love spotting animals.  And it is because of climbing that I get to do that more.  So I guess it's true, I love climbing.

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