Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Haunted Half Marathon

So I don't run races.... and today I was reminded why.  They hurt!!!!!!

So I've been flirting with the idea of running a race for some time now.  Jason has really encouraged it.  So I have been doing some longer runs just to see how I would hold up if I did run a race.  On Thursday Morning my friend/pump teacher Heather said to the whole class, "Kristin I had a dream last night that you ran the race with me!  You need to do it."  And with that, I signed up for the race Thursday night for Saturday morning.

I didn't really have a costume.... maybe next time?

I had no idea how much waiting there was when it comes to racing but luckily for me, I ran into my dear friend Liz and we chatted the whole time.

The race.

Mile 1-4 (7:10 per mile) was down South Fork Canyon.  I love it.  It's mostly down hill and just dreamy.
Mile 4:    28:40

Mile 5-8 (7: 17 per mile) down the Provo River Trail.  I had a major panic when I realized the pain killer I was planning to take at mile 4 to numb my torn calf muscle.... fell out.  (Never before had that happened in all my years of running)  I was super bummed.  Many times I kept thinking, why in the heck am I doing this!  It really started to hurt at this point.  Why oh why was I doing this????  I just kept repeating, "I can do hard things"
Mile 8:    58:00

Mile 9-11 (7:30 per mile)  I was thinking.... man I hate this.  But I think I can finish it.  And I think I can finish pretty strong....
Mile 11:   1:20:33

Mile 12: the most nasty hill ever.  Like I had to stop and walk nasty.  Like I got to the top and tried to start running again and couldn't.  Like had to walk.  Walk.

Last 2.28 miles.  (yes the course was .18 too long.) was 8:15 per mile.

Final Time: 1:40:09.

Not bad for my first race.  But man oh man it hurt.  I have a new found respect for fast runners.  And honestly.... I don't know if I'll ever try and race again.

Good news?  I got 9th in my age group and 28th out of the female racers (Of 1,050 female runners)

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Camile said...

Wow! Way to go Kristin. That is seriously amazing.