Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blue Apron

About a month ago Hungry Runner Girl did a paid post on this product/company Blue Apron.  And since I buy pretty much anything she tells me to.... ok, not EVERYTHING.... just these headphones and these compression socks.  I clearly had to try this out.  

So here is what it is.  Every week (or whenever you tell it to) this company sends you every single ingredient for a meal with step by step easy directions to follow.  

Here is my review on the product: it was absolutely amazing!  As someone who feels guilty about throwing away food that goes bad it was unreal awesome to have exact amounts of every ingredient.  Also, all of us feeding 2 people know, buying all the ingredients for one extravagant meal is more expensive than going out for the exact meal.  We tried spices, veggies, and fish we never had before.  It also gave me confidence to use the same cooking techniques again without using Blue Apron.  

My negatives:
1. It is extremely expensive.  Like possibly as expensive or more expensive than the same meal at a restaurant.  Our first three meals were $39.  Not bad (because HRG gave a $20 discount for her readers) If it was always $39 for two people for three meals I would consider using it more.  But without the discount 3 meals for 2 people is $59.  (I found this out because I forgot to cancel our membership and we got a second shipment of food....)

2. Because some of the foods are very different than your typical Mountain West palate of meat and potatoes.... we often found the food too spicy, too hot, or not always the best flavor.  In other words maybe a little bit too adventurous for every day eating.  After the first few I stopped using the amount of spices they suggested in the recipe.  

3. Although it is pricey it still requires work.  Although they give fantastic step by step instructions it still requires a bit of cooking experience.  I hated putting that much effort into a meal and only having exactly 2 portions... rarely was there any leftovers to take to school for lunch the next day.  

So who do I think would be the perfect customer for Blue Apron?
At first I said to Jason, "If I was a corporate lawyer and you were a surgeon in NYC and we had three kids  I would love this because every once in a while I could actually make a great "homecooked" meal for my family."  But now that I am thinking about it, kids would HATE these meals.

So who would love this?  
People- with no kids or the most adventurous kids ever *never met one of those- who have plenty of money but are in a cooking rut.  Maybe like my parents age?  My mom suggested it for my 90 year old grandparents.... I think my grandpa would have a difficult time with things like purple potatoes.

So I think it would be a super fun gift for newly weds or for retired foodies.

Ok I've used too many words.  I'll just show you the meals we received.  First I'll show their picture, then my picture.

Seared Cod Piperade

with Roasted Blue Potatoes and Parsley-Almond Sauce

This was our first.... it was really tasty!  

Lamb and Beef Sliders

with Harissa-Labneh Sauce and Cucumber Salad

This one was probably our least favorite.  The sauce was gross and the cucumber salad wasn't very good either.

Chicken Hiyashi Chuka

with Fresh Ramen Noodles and Summer Vegetables

This was ramen noodles with veggies on top.  ok, but not that great.

Southern-Style Burgers

with Green Tomato Chow Chow and Roasted Old Bay Potatoes

I shockingly love this!  The green tomato chow chow with green collards was fantastic!  The oven fries were meh. 
(But for $20 we could have had some pretty fantastic gourmet burgers and a clean kitchen....)

Chicken Katsu

with Miso-Roasted Japanese Eggplant and Savoy Cabbage

This one was hands down my favorite!!! I loved the roasted egg plant and cabbage so much that the next night I went and bought the ingredients to make it again.

Pan-Roasted Hake and Romesco Sauce

with Leeks, Scallions and Fingerling Potatoes

This was Jason's favorite meal.  Which kinda surprised me.  The Romesco sauce was made of roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and onion.

So there you have it, my thoughts on Blue Apron.


Elizabeth R said...

LOVED your own photos of the food. And I totally agree with the need to have leftovers. Thanks for your honest opinion regarding B.A. I keep hearing about that company on several blogs.

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