Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grand Tour of California. Day 1

As if I need any more reason to love California... who knew there was possible more to love!!!  I didn't but boy has my love grown!  Jason and I decided to start in San Diego and head north wherever the wind took us.  I'll talk more about the trip at the end..... but for now I just wanted to get to the pictures!

Our pre-trip mileage.... yes... my car has 232,698 miles on her..... Bessy (what we named her this trip) still runs like a champ!  She may need more oil than most cars.... but she is pretty impressive!

We had the most beautiful sunset as we were traveling down!

The first day of our trip started in San Diego.  Jason's parents joined us for the first leg of the day is San Diego.  We went to the Mormon Battalion Museum.  I know what you are thinking.... seriously?  A church history site???  What a snore.  But shockingly this museum was like Disneyland church version.  It was really impressive!

Probably my favorite temple painting ever!  Done by Walter Rane.

next we went to eat at the most delicious Mexican Restaurant in Old Town.  It was the same restaurant that my cousin Brad wedding luncheon was.  

The patio area is absolutely darling and the food is fantastic.

Next Jason and I went to experience Balboa Park.  I had only ever been there to attend a wedding so I was excited to see more of it.  

 We spent quite a bit of time wandering around the rose garden..... I love rose gardens!

I don't know why but the buildings in Balboa Park reminds me of Jungle Book.  I know that isn't what they were supposed to look like but they sure do!

 The last thing we did was sit and listen to a organ/obo concert.... very interesting.
 Balboa Island was the perfect way to start off the trip!

Let the touring begin!

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