Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 5: Some touring China and Italy. A real life Castle. And the nicest Motel 6 to date.

We started our day by joining all the tourists at Lombard Street...  Jason couldn't believe the amount of tourists already gathered to look at the crookedest street in the world.... also something else I really don't think you understand until you visit San Francisco is how freaking steep the streets are, how big the hills are.  You try and take pictures of it, you try and describe it but it doesn't work. Anyway, Lombard Street.

 We decided a better/less stressful way to see all the sights of the city was to take a doubledecker bus tour.... in other words sometimes I like to pretend like I'm not a tourist and actually just belong in a city..... but when you can't beat em join em.  So we joined the thousands of tourists in Fisherman's Wharf signing up to ride in the top of a bus as we traveled around the city.  We were hoping for more of the history of San Francisco... but sadly we learned way more about the city at the Mormon Battalion Museum than we did on our tour.

Our tour guide did look the part...
I loved the flower stands...... and the incredible lines at the food trucks..
But my favorite was this building.
Or maybe this sign.
After the tour and all the sites to see we decided we wanted to explore Little Italy more.  So we drove over and walked around the cute little piece of heaven.  We ate at this fun pizza joint.  Delicious! 

 We explored a little bit into Chinatown......... but then headed back to Italy.

 An amazing Italian deli that I wish we would have eaten at......
 Proof that the sun does come out sometimes in some parts of San Fran (the bridge was still completely covered in clouds at this point)

 And last but not least, my perfect little piece of heaven.  Best dessert I've tasted since Sicily.

The festival I would have LOVED to attend.
 And the view as we headed over the bridge out of San Francisco.
 We made a stop at the Oakland Temple and it certainly did not disappoint.......

It was a long trafficy day that ended at seriously the nicest Motel 6 you ever did see....... swimming pool and all.  $56 never felt so good.
Day 6: Yosemite: Where all his wildest dreams could come true.

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