Saturday, July 12, 2014

God's Beauty

We were watching the preview for Disney's new plane movie last night and I got thinking.  You see in Disney's new Plane movie (I haven't seen any of the previous movies) of course the Planes are off doing Plane things..... flying.  The preview shows the planes flying over Yosemite.  It was so beautiful.  I was thinking about how even when artist try.... nothing seems as beautiful as the world that God has already created.  Sure we could argue that it imaginary isn't as beautiful to us because it isn't real but still... no one can argue how beautiful the world is.

Yesterday I couldn't believe how beautiful the world was once again.  We went on a hike.  I almost hesitate even describing the location of this beautiful hike because it's pretty unknown in an area around that thousands of people travel from around the world.  Less than 45 minutes from our house... and FREE.  It was beautiful because of the breathtaking cliffs, gorgeous waterfalls, canyons, deep green oasis in the middle of a desert.  But it was even remarkable because no one was there.  No handrails, no mobs of people, no signs saying don't climb here or feed the animals.... it was amazing.  Once again it made me appreciate God and the world He created.

There's something magical about being alone in nature.  Something that even Disneyland can't replicate.  So today I just want to write about how grateful I am for His creations.  And of course our ability to view it, experience it, and hopefully try and appreciate it.

I didn't bring my camera or phone so I stole some pictures from the internet to try and capture what it looked like while we were hiking... and a few from my brothers phone!

Yes the water was cold....... especially at the beginning of the day.  By the end we were jumping from pool to pool.

The group that went... minus the photographer, my dad.

What a great day.  And if you want to go on this hike with us...... we'd LOVE to go again :)

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