Monday, June 23, 2014

What We've Been Up To

  A Beautiful run around downtown St. George.  (I rarely am ambitious enough to get up early enough to run outside... but on the rare occasion I do, I don't regret it.)

One of Jason's longtime friends from Vista married a girl from St. George and we are thrilled!  One of our boating trips to Quail Creek.

 Every weekend we head up to Cedar to go to church with my parents and spend Sundays with my family in Cedar.  This is the one thing that I miss about being close to family... having a place to spend every Sunday.  Here is my dad blowing out his 66 candles...

 And Jason sewing on his vintage $35 sewing machine (once he spent $1 fixing it, it is now worth hundreds :)
 And me actually climbing....
And the view......

 One weekend we headed down to Southern California.
 These were hands down the best fish/shrimp tacos ever.  Taco Nazo.... you aren't kidding when you say you are the world's best tacos since 1989.

And of course I couldn't resist a picture of the world's prettiest backyard.

Or... the traffic on the 5.

Or the delicious berry pies we made...

Or the beauty of the Strip on the drive home.

Some pictures from my run on Chuckawalla Trail while Jason climbed with his friend....

 I got back just in time to document this:
 I know you can't tell.... but this is super hard climb......... that ended with this.

16 stitches and a good tetanus shot and he was back to normal. 

 Oh here is a selfie from a climb right by Fat Man's Misery in Pioneer Park.

One of my bestest friends and her family came up to visit before they make the long trek to Norfolk, Virginia........ I can't complain for another excuse to travel east! :)  

Matt is getting pretty fantastic at photography so he wanted to go do a little bit of the Narrows.  We definitely didn't complain!  Here are some pictures from the adventure.


And then of course we went to Oscar's after...

Phew!  That was a lot of pictures.... and what I've learned.  I need to wear a different headband for the next set of pictures and..... Summer Kristin is definitely superior to School Kristin.

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