Thursday, June 5, 2014

My review of "Swig"

Well somethings that anyone that knows me knows....
I love Diet Coke
I love Diet Coke with lime more.
I love Diet Coke with lime in a styrofoam cup most.
Well..... besides.... a quality shaved ice.

So when I realized that my residence for the summer is literally 400 meters away from Swig I really thought I was in trouble!

If you are not familiar with the phenomenon of Swigs you can watch this news clip on it here.... (of course hilariously, my dad's office/classroom is literally less than 100 feet from Swig and when I brought it up to my mom and dad they said, "Oh that little shack that always has a crowd?"  (that's how "hip" my parents are!) (And of course I wouldn't have it any other way!)

Anyway.  Now that I have known about Swig for 4 days.... which means I've been 6 times... here is my review:

The drink:
Decent price, great ice, decent cups, and I LOVE the straws.
The downs:  WAY too much ice, "dirty" to them just means coconut so even when I asked for limes.... I didn't didn't get them.
Bottom line on the drinks... If it's happy hour (2-4) The line at Sonic is shorter, the cups are better, the price is better, and they get my order right every time.

The Sugar cookie: yes... I tried one.
This was extremely relieving to me..... I wasn't impressed.  I'm sure it was because my cookie was underdone.... not like soft underdone... like doughy underdone.... my little brother had warned me they tasted like chalk, I thought it tasted more just like flour... (I literally took two bites and threw it away) Like I said, I was relieved I didn't love it.  I'm sure it was probably just a bad apple but it probably saved me 5 pounds this summer...

And Last: most disappointing.
The Shaved Ice:
Once again I know shaved ice well enough that sometimes you just get a bad apple.... but the ice was hard, they got my flavors wrong, and there was very little flavor to it.  (Is it really that easy to mess up Tiger's Blood?)
And they don't have an option for cream on top (my personal favorite even more than sweet and condensed milk or ice cream).

So the bottom line of Swig.  I am not in love.  I am thrilled.

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