Saturday, June 7, 2014

Introducing Summer Kristin

My old best friend Shane came up with the name Summer Kristin.  If you have a teacher friend in your life you know the summer version of that friend is very different than the school year version.  I thought it'd be fun to document a day in the life of Summer Kristin.  But before I do.  Yesterday I started this post and felt the need to defend why summers are so important to humanity.  (It's the previous post, I made it two posts because it's kinda obnoxious so unless you are dying to hear my rational why Summer Vacation is saving America just skip it.)

Anyway.  Summer Kristin.

Despite my best efforts I still can't sleep in.  But typically every morning in the summer what happens is... I wake up starving.  So yesterday, like every other summer day, I woke up around 6.  Ate a bowl of Cheerios (or rice krispies or corn flakes) and then went back to bed.
At 8 Jason and I went to Chuckawalla to rockclimb.  Of course my favorite part of the trip was the other climber there named Vlad from Romania who drove across the country with his girlfriend from Florida and are settling in southern Utah for a while because it has the best rock climbing around.  He climbed with Jason for a while so I was able to run a few miles on the Chuckawalla trail.  It was beautiful!  Jack rabbits, lizards, and breathtaking red rocks.  The desert is pretty impressive.... before it gets too hot.
yes, these glasses look ridiculous.  Long story short, Jason's genius $9 purchase
that makes it a lot easier to belay. (Climbing glasses are typically like $100 so Jason
bought "reading in bed" glasses and turned them upside down. Like I said, Genius)
My run
Jason has class at 11 so we headed home of course stopping by Swig because there was only one car in line and its never too early for a dirty diet coke. :)

After Jason went to class I checked my online school work stuff.  Kinda frustrating but I got some stuff done and figured I'd hit the gym.

I've started going to the gym later in the day because I have hated every class I've been to here........ I know I'm picky.  But seriously.  Terrible.  So I wait to go to the gym when there are no classes so I can have my own class in the aerobics room.  I started by warming up with Melissa (The videos kinda suck but she is amazing!)  Then I did one of my own step routines.  I know it looks absolutely ridiculous.  My rockin' out solo doing step....  But I was having a blast.  I get I was kinda getting carried away because I noticed a cute old kinda watching me as I worked out.  After an hour or so he came up and said, "What do you call this?  Is it some type of war dance?"  So I figured I should probably be done with step for the day and hit the treadmill for a few more miles.
The pool all to ourselves...
I had every intention of hitting the pool but instead I wrote the blogpost on Swig and my defense of summer vacation....... and next thing I knew it was 3:00 and Jason was home from school.  So I decided it was time to eat lunch.  (I don't get it, when teaching I am starving by 11.  Maybe I'm just ridiculously bored?)

Most delicious lunch ever.  Caprese Salad.  Spinach Bacon Salad.  Spaghetti Squash with a homemade carrot, spinach, turkey sausage, spinach marinara.

Then Jason and I decided to hit up an early movie... we went and saw the latest X-Men.  I probably shouldn't admit I'd never seen an X-Men movie before but I thought this was very entertaining.

Of course the way Jason got me to go to the movie was promising me candy.  

After the movie we had every intention of stopping off at Pioneer Park and doing fat man's misery.... but it was super hot still so we decided to explore a little.  We ended up on Main Street.  I don't think I realized how charming downtown St. George is.  The Tabernacle with the old Woodward buildings, and of course Judds.... It is just darling.  So we yelped where we should eat and we ended up at a cute little hot dog place just north of the Tabernacle.

After a ginormous Ruben hot dog that we shared we headed home to watch the latest episode of Jack.  I am LOVING this season.  I seriously love Jack Bauer so much its kinda sad.

And then I fell asleep....
We didn't do this that night, but I love St. George after the sun has set.... and so this is going to become my favorite pass time.

Ah.........Summer, I love you.

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