Thursday, June 12, 2014

I can't sleep....

Which for the record is highly highly unusual.  Dang Facebook/Twitter.

What I can't stop thinking about is something that I keep reading everywhere.  WWJD.  This idea or notion that we can assume what Jesus would do.  It's quite bothersome.

For anyone that hasn't seen.... there are two members of the church that could possibly get excommunicated because of their public actions.  Not their private questioning, not their soul searching desire to find truth, not for counseling with Priesthood authority to find direction and help.... their public actions.

But that is besides the point.

The point is somehow someway there has been a confusion of the fact that there is such thing as right and wrong.  Good and evil.  Black and White.  And the reason I can't sleep tonight is because I have heard one too many comments today suggesting that Jesus did not believe or demonstrate through all His actions that there was such.

One of the most tender stories in the New Testament to me is one where Jesus showed so much love not just by stopping those that were going to stone her, not just lifting her up and sending her on her way, or not even just suffering for her sins so it's possible that she can return to her Father.  He did more.

I love this story so much I begged and begged for my dad to paint it.  I think it took him 3 or 4 years for him to finally paint it for me.

When Jesus found the woman taken in adultery I think it is so powerful what He said to her, "Go and sin no more."  Yes what she was doing was wrong.  Yes what she was doing was evil.  Yes what she was doing would make it so she couldn't get into heaven.  Yes He acknowledge she was sinning.  But then what did He then tell her to do?  Stop. Stop sinning!  And that was the most loving thing He could have possibly done for her at that moment.  At least that is what I believe because I believe He is perfect.  I believe He knew what was best for her.

Now once again I don't want to assume I know what Christ would do in any situation but I can say that I believe that He has a perfect knowledge of Good and Evil and I believe He does not tolerate Evil.  Whether it be a woman taken in adultery, sellers at a temple, or even Satan himself Jesus did not stand by passively and allow evil to reign.  I am so grateful for the knowledge in a living Prophet that I believe receives direct revelation from a loving and just God whose greatest desire is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.  So when I hear that someone is being told stop sinning!  I don't hear intolerance, I don't hear cruelty, I don't hear hatred.

I hear love.


Britt said...

ALSO I've always loved He doesn't say, "Your sins are forgiven." He respects the order things must be done in. Confess, forsake, repentance. Man, He is wisdom.
Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

Muncher Cruncher said...

Thank you SO much for writing this. I seriously have been so sad all day because I keep seeing all of these awful posts, media spotlights, and ridiculous status updates that are hating on the thing that matters most to religious beliefs. Your words are so well put. Thank you! xoxoxo

Angela Fisher said...

I so appreciate you posting this Kristin. Seriously, thank you. I was up last night not being able to sleep...and this is just the best thing I have seen written on the situation.

theriddle said...

Great insight. I love that picture your Dad did. Great expression he captured.

Tiara Folkes said...

This is an amazing post Krist. So powerful and beautifully written.

Annie Paxman said...

I think you make a valid point, but you fail to mention a huge (and I believe most important) piece of the story. What did Jesus do before he told the woman to "sin no more"? He told everyone else that was standing by with stones in hand, ready to judge her, to get out of there and worry about their own sins. He then dealt with her personally. When we ask "WWJD?" it should be for guidance on how to live our own lives, stop our own sins, and overcome our own issues--not for the lives, sins, and issues of those around us. While we do have every right to, and should, look for Christ's judgement in our own lives, the point of the story is NOT to encourage us to help those around us from behaving sinfully. Quite the opposite. Christ is the only judge in this story, just as he is the only judge in the eternities. It would be so nice to see everyone stop throwing stones at Kate Kelly (or anyone else we believe is not living in accordance with Christ's law as we understand it), and start loving the Kate Kelly's out there a little more. Leave the judgement to Christ. That's what I believe he would have us do.

Your dad's painting is beautiful. One of my favorites I've seen from him.

Annie Paxman said...

And just to clarify, I'm not suggesting that these priesthood leaders don't have the right to judge Kate Kelly. I am suggesting that we as bystanders ought not be the ones tossing stones at Kate Kelly, the church and its leaders, or each other as we discuss it.