Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Needless to say, Omaha was not on my top 10..... top 20.... or even top 100 cities around the country that I am dying to return to.  I was actually really bummed.  But such is life.

I went to a teaching conference.  How to help the bottom 5% is what this conference should have been called.  But rather than go into everything that I see wrong with our education system and particularly what's wrong with the whole conference... I will talk about the good parts.

I worked out every morning before the conference, but luckily we got out at 3 pm so I hit the streets/running trails after the conference ended.

The night we got there the teachers wanted to go to a Steak House.  I think they were blown away by the prices.... Luckily I had eaten Cafe Rio in the SLC airport on my layover for LA so I was perfectly happy with the $3.50 I spent on sweet potato fries...

After the conference one day I went for a run around the city.... sure it was March but I can see that during the summer this would be a beautiful place!

 At the end of my run I ran through "downtown" Omaha.  It was almost kinda creepy because there were big buildings everywhere but hardly any people.  I almost felt like I was in one of those post apocalyptic books? (Maybe I've just read too many of those....)

So there was this cute little Main Street "Old Downtown" area.  I wish I could describe how weird it was.  I wish I could figure out words....  

Here was a used book store that I feel like is more like where all books go to die.  It kinda made me sad.  I get it.  Books waste paper, electronic is so much easier.... but I feel like our future is dependent on people reading these books...... I know weird, it's pathetic it made me so sad.  

I was really curious to see what I would
find in these...

 But the perfect example of how bizzarre downtown Omaha was is this "Candy" store I walked into.

It started almost looking like a normal candy store.... just you know, 35 years behind the times..... There was one teenage boy working the front registar.  I made some comment about how I love candy stores.... He laughed, "Oh you'll find more than candy here..."  Almost kinda creepy...
 but it didn't end!  It kept going and going and going...... there was a use clothing section.
 A old Ice Cream Parlor.....
A wall of pens.....
Then there was an old arcade room full to the brim with every old game you can imagine.
Then a HUGE area full of old "antiques".  Coke bottles, suit cases, books, baseball cards, dolls, oh lots of dolls, paintings, furniture...
I kept walking and walking and there was room after room, narrow hallway after narrow hallway.  I started to feel like I was in a "circus" funmaze.
I started to get creeped out.  This store seemed as large as a Walmart.  With junk every where that smelt old and used...... but the reason I was so creeped out.  I didn't see a SINGLE person in the entire store until I turned a corner of the maze and found her.
Just working away dipping oreos in chocolate......... for who? no one knows.  Finally I couldn't take it any more.  I stopped taking pictures and just did everything I could do to get out of that place!  Finally I found the front and the store, what a relief.... I saw that same kid and said, "You weren't kidding. This is definitely more than a candy store..."
 And here is what it looked like outside.
 So I kept talking... down the cute little old cobble stone streets of Omaha.
 Later that night I went to dinner by myself.  I asked the Valet guy at our hotel where he would recommend.  He suggested M's Pub.  I had the most delicious pizza like thing with a super thin crisp crust they called a lahvosh.  I guess it's Armenian?
 But the dessert was even better.... It was a peachy flavored cake with a ricotta cheese with vanilla bean gelato.  Amazing.

Omaha.... I wouldn't have picked you.... I will be fine if I never return to visit you.... but you did provide quite the entertaining trip.

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Camile said...

Interesting! You've almost made me want to visit Omaha, just to see how it would make me feel. That candy store sounds super creepy - like something from the twilight zone. This almost would have made a good Halloween post. :)