Monday, April 14, 2014

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

First thing when we got to San Francisco I knew I needed to meet up with Niki.  It was wonderful seeing her and she gave us some great suggestions on what to do while we were there.  Oh and the pizza was pretty fantastic!
 Yes, they give you scissors to cut your pizza!

I was a little sketched out by the neighborhood we were staying in because of our walk from Union Square to Nob Hill.... so I wasn't sure I really wanted to run outside the next morning.  But of course the next morning after talking to the girl at the front desk(my favorite way to find out where I should run in a new city) I took off for a glorious run.  Well... minus all the hills.

 I wish you could really tell the hills..... just believe me.  I had no idea how many hills were in San Francisco....

When Erica and I went out we decided to first "shop" around in Chinatown and then in Union Square

My "authentic" fortune cookie. 
(I put it in quotation marks because from a recent podcast I learned that fortune cookies aren't even Chinese...
 they were first created in San Francisco more than a hundred years ago)

We then went to explore through Golden Gate State Park
 The Conservatory of Flowers
 I am a sucker for poppies....

 The Japanese Tea Garden

I think what amazed me the most about the Golden Gate Park was how HUGE it was.  After we had concluded that this is where all fairies comes from.... we decided it was time to eat lunch.  I searched on Yelp and it suggested with 4 1/2 stars a Deli.... So we walked the half mile to the most delicious deli ever.

Trust them.  It's true.  Amazing.  Cranberry Turkey Sandwich was amazing.

Next we walked over to Haight Street.... I was expecting more real hippies.... but it was fun.  Someday I'll start going shoeless.... maybe stop washing my hair.... but until then....

 Next we headed back to the Wharf and Piers for a delicious dinner of chocolate!

 I've had these sundaes many times.... 
(Chicago, Disneyland, and now the official real stuff)
Honestly.... not really anything that special, but when in Rome....

Then we went on a romantical sunset sailing trip around the bay.... it was pretty spectacular minus the wind and the cold....(luckily they provided coats!)

Phew.................. that was a long day.

The next morning I got up and knew I needed to conquer Lombard Street.  Because I got there so early (it was a couple blocks from our apartment) I had the whole hill to myself, so despite the signs saying no walking on the street, I ran up and down the hill.  (Only once because I still had Russian Hill and Nob Hill and whatever ginormous hill you want to call the hill right before the wharf to climb up and down....  but this time I headed the other direction and it was just as beautiful.
 After my run, we decided to hit the town.... on a bike.  Of course we had to first get our pictures with the cable cars...
 So we started on this bike trek.... first I wish I could describe the employees of the Bike Shop we went to.  It really was like they were all on drugs.... or (for those Divergent fans out there) like they had been shot with something and someone was controlling their every action.  It was insane and creepy and downright annoying.  A guy about ripped my head off when I asked if it was possible for me not to wear a helmet.  (I always wear a helmet when I am road biking, but seriously??? Riding a cruiser on a bike path across the bridge?) Anyway, we were thrilled to get out of there and be on our way.

 P.S. Erica would probably want me to tell you, she was FREEZING on the trip (being from Montana these days she thought it 70 degrees would mean it was warm... so she didn't bring much of a jacket)  She learned  the hard way that 70 degrees with the humidity and the wind really means 35.... So she bought her first ever tourist sweatshirt.  I was so proud :)
 Here is the map I created of where we went.  If it looks like a long ways...... that's because it was.  A very long ways...... I tell ya, I think Erica and I burnt way more calories than we consumed this trip..... even if we had two desserts a day!

We stopped for lunch in the darling sailing community of Sausalito.  It reminded me a lot of the Italian coast..... I am such a sucker for palm trees, sunshine, sail boats, and cute mainstreets.... someday... someday.

The most expensive $4 can of diet Coke I've ever actually bought....
Even DISNEYLAND doesn't charge that much!

 Man oh man that Sea Salt Carmel Ice Cream with a Sprinkle Cone was delicious.

At the end of our ride we met Fernando, a Spanish engineer that lives in Hong Kong and has traveled the world more than anyone I've ever met.  It was impressive.

But of course my favorite part of the story was how he tried to lie to me and tell me he is a bull fighter because that's what he said most Americans think Spaniards do.... if they know where Spain is.  He said often times he has to tell Americans Spain is in Europe not South America..... Wow.  

Later that night we had dinner at a fancy Seafood restaurant (but at that point, sun/windburned and wiped out) I was not going to take another picture............ but we went with my darling old roommate/friend Kennan and her husband who is currently doing his last medical rotation in the trauma unit of an inner city Oakland hospital.  The stories he had to tell..... 

The next morning, at 3:30 in the morning, we hopped on our shuttle back to our plane....  The only reason to keep our eyes open.... was when I saw this guy walk by, sit by us, get on our plane, tap me on the shoulder, and talk to me.  Yes, my life is complete.

Bottom line.  This trip was a dream.  Why?  Because I got 72 hours of uninterrupted time with my best friend.

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goddessdivine said...

Oh I am so glad you FINALLY went to SF. ;-0

Sidenote: That $4 Coke probably breaks down like this: $0.50 for the drink; $1.50 tax; $2 for recycling. San Francisco is freaking crazy!!