Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Year.

Finally, I got a fortune cookie that I know is real! When I got this fortune cookie I just smiled. Finally. My Chinese (American hallmark card writer) philosopher got it right.


It's been one year. One year of bliss. One year of misery. One year of comfort. One year of feeling more alone than ever before. Yes, one year of marriage. 

There is only three things I know to be true.

 - I could not have married someone more different than me in every single possible way excluding a testimony. (You think I'm exaggerating.... But I promise) 

- Being married to him is making me a better person. 

- And I love him more today than I thought was possible one year ago. 


I thought the cake tasted even better a year later!!!! But just to illustrate my point.... How we chose to dive into our cake top...(well until Jason was so disgusted because A. I was using my fingers and getting crumbles everywhere B. his OCD kicked in and was afraid of all that could be growing in the year old/thawed twice cake... That he threw it away.) 

Oh how much less glamorous than this....


Sometimes I still stare at Jason and can't believe it's really real.

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Natalie said...

i thought our cake tasted amazing a year later too! you do not expect something that has been sitting in your freezer for a year to be so tasty. happy one year!