Monday, March 17, 2014


I have at least 6 posts half way/completely written that I just haven't posted.  Life has been pretty fantastic recently.  Which I guess is what I wanted to write about.

Today is my birthday.


In recent years birthdays have always been something that made me sad.  I tried to be happy but they were just a blatant reminder of the fact that my life was not where I wanted it to be.

Spring became a sad thing.

WHICH is INSANE!  I love spring!

You can read more about how the tulips bursting through the remnants of winter made me sad here here or here.

But I guess this is why journaling is so valuable to me.  To see the drastic contrast of life.

I feel so much love in my life right now.  Love from every direction.  I often cry when I talk about all this love.  I have the most wonderful parents.  I have the most wonderful family and friends.  I have the most wonderful mother in law.  But most of all, of course the reason why my life is so drastically different, I have the most wonderful, caring, kind, considerate husband.  And of course that is why my life is different.

Last weekend we celebrated our first anniversary.  (A post of course in the making)  But because of the love that I feel from him and our celebration, I don't even need a birthday.  I don't need presents, attention, or anything else.  Just walking outside and seeing the tulips are starting to burst through the soil is enough for me.  Something that used to bring me sorrow brings me joy again.  And for me this year, that is enough.

I am so excited what year 32 will look like for me, for us, for our life.

So in honor of my special day, some pictures of my favorite flowers at my favorite place.


Kennan said...

Happy Birthday Kris!!! I'm so happy that you're happy!

Natalie said...

happy birthday! i love knowing you're so happy :)

goddessdivine said...

Happy birthday! You're so young. ;-0