Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workout Clothes

For the past week when I am at the gym I think of my cousin Erica's post about the new girl at the gym.   It's hard to remember what it was like to be the new girl.  But after Erica's post I've tried to look at the gym through a "new comers" eyes.  Probably the most intimidating thing to me..... is the clothes!  Maybe it's because I grew up in a small town where it's cool to where the local high school's t-shirts to the gym or maybe it's because I became a gymer at BYU-Idaho where we had to wear the most hideous cotton blue Rick's College Smerf clothes straight from the 80's.... everyone was wearing them, so it didn't matter.  But now I go to the gym and with my 'new girl eyes' it's insane!!!!

And of course because I am pretty obsessed with workout clothes... I thought I'd share my favorites from head to toe.

Head: I wear a headband every day.  My favorite headbands are actually from Walmart... kinda like this but I can't find them anywhere any more!!!

But I also have 2 Lululemon headbands....

The first... I hate.  After washing it once it shrunk so it doesn't stay on and is kinda bulky.
The second, I love/hate.  It's big, really big, probably too big.  But it does the job amazingly well.  Biggest downside besides the hugeness...  It gives you a line on your forehead for at least an hour after you take it off.

I hate stretchy material bras.  I feel like they look cute but don't work.

Like this from Target or this from Old Navy.  I keep buying them hoping that if  I get a smaller size or something they will work.  They are tempting because they keep their color and they are cheap.  But I have finally given up.

The bras that I have found that I like best are Nike cotton unflattering super supportive bras.  (couldn't find a picture... I think the ones I get are only at the Nike outlet stores.)


What I want in a top: long enough, not baggy, but not so tight that you can see my heart beat.  Sadly.... I haven't found any tops that I love more than Lululemons.  If you didn't read.... here, I have a very strong love/hate relationship with Lulu.

But right now here are my two favorite tops that I have in multiple colors.

I wish I could find cheaper tops that I love... but sadly I can't.  So I always look for either of these to go on sale, then I get 15% off because I teach PE.  So they end up costing me around $30-35.   

Jackets.  Currently my two favorite.

The first from Fabletics and the second from Gapfit.
(I don't wear either of these jackets to stay warm, I wear them to put on after my workout so I don't get my coats sweaty.)  
I still wear the same Nike Tempo Track shorts that I have worn for years... I tried to venture out and got these from Fabeltics, but they are too balloony. 
I used to spend 70+ dollars on Nike Capris.  I have multiple pairs and love them.  But never again will I pay that price!

My two new favorite capris are the compression capris from Old Navy and these from Lime Flex Fabeletics.  They are both wonderful!!!  I love that the Old Navy capris come in tall, but I would recommend getting a size smaller if you do get the talls.  At least mine are baggy...

I fell in love with the Pro Compression socks.  I have 2 pairs of the socks and one of just the calf sleeves.  I would recommend getting the sleeves first.  I like that I can wear a more comfortable sock (the compression slip a lot) but still get the support on my calves and achilles.  Also you can always find a 40% off...
Also I love that these keep my legs warm when running outside if I don't want to wear tights.

And last........ shoes.  I am very loyal to my Nike Frees.... I have 6 pairs?  But I have also loved my Nike LunarGlides 
Yes... now more than ever I can understand why a new girl would be intimidated by the gym.  But man oh man it is a fun addiction.


Schuyler said...

This post makes me not miss northern Utah and helps me love that my gym is at least 50% senior citizens;) I'm too cheap to buy cute workout clothes, but those tops were adorable... I still wear t shirts!

Schuyler said...
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