Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Vacation part III

Then we headed down to North San Diego County.......
Christmas at the Braithwaites.... 
 Every meal at Leigh's house is picture perfect.  It's hard to capture it with a camera but I did my best.  The table:
 The view out the window.
 The "Sistine Chapel" mural on the dome ceiling in the dining room.

 In other words................. meals at Leigh's are ALWAYS amazing!

SO Jason's birthday is December 30th.  I hate to complain but seriously.... I've decided I want to start celebrating his birthday on his half birthday so we get my holidays throughout the year!   But anyway, Jason LOVES flipping in any way shape or form.  If he had ten lives one would be as a diver, one as a gymnast, one has a base jumper, and one as a professional motor cross flipper guy (yes embarrassing that I don't even know what you'd call that?) *Don't tell Jason I am that embarrassing.  Anyway so for his birthday I got him tickets to the traveling Cirques dul  in Irvine.  It was pretty spectacular.

In case you didn't believe me.... here is a "simple" dinner at Leigh's.

For Jason's real birthday we went climbing again...... (The only way they got me to climb was Jeff, Jason's friend promised he'd take some sweet pictures of me.)

I think I'd climb a lot more difficult rocks if Jeff was always there with that camera!

For New Year's Eve Jason took me to Laguna Beach.... shockingly, I'd never been.  I think my favorite part was it wasn't exactly like every other touristy place I've been.  Like I've previously stated Waikiki, Miracle Mile Chicago, South Beach Miami, Old Town Pasadena, all touristy spots, it's like you could pick them up and transport them to each location and it's exactly the same.  You can count on them having the exact same shops and restaurants.  I loved that Laguna wasn't like that.  

It was pretty amazing................ but we got back to Fallbrook around 7 with nothing to do for the rest of the evening..... so we put on our pjs....
And went to ........
Of course it was amazing.
The next morning we hit up the beach.......... just because we could.  Honestly, I don't know if the weather could have been more picture the entire trip!

I had to giggle one morning as I was working out..... who gets this view during a workout?
Then we decided to help celebrate Nils and Raine's anniversary!  (what's more romantical than hanging out with your niece on your 34th wedding anniversary?)

We met up here:
then had the most ridiculously amazing and ridiculously cheep dinner at a seafood place in Newport on the water.... 

It was Raine's first time having crab so I had to show her how it was done....

Then after a stop at the Melting Pot in Vegas to meet up with Matt and Linz and spending the night in Cedar........................ it was back to reality.

Oh hello inversion..... my how I've missed you.