Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Vacation Part 1

Now that I am back in the saddle I figure I should start reminiscing about our fantastic Christmas Vacation................................. it was glorious beyond belief so here we go.
 The sunset as we were driving down to Cedar.

 Santa's little helper with his perfectly red rosy cheeks.
 The cutest Shepard you ever did see!

One of the things Jason was most looking forward to on the trip was a rock climb in Snow Canyon.  It was a glorious day of sunshine so of course I wasn't going to complain.
Yes, total geek.
 But alas...... sometimes I am scared of heights.  And long story short, this rock climb ended with me in the fetal position crying begging Jason to never make me go down the cliff... yes, quite pathetic.

Every year since high school Ashley and I have had a lunch get together at Pizza Factory.  I think I missed one year due to a stupid guy, but other than that I have always been there. So so so fun.  Loves these girls.

 Right after lunch we went ice skating.  I had no idea I married__________________ (insert Kristi Yamaguchi but male version)  But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Jason is pretty amazing at everything athletic..... minus organized sports. (How in the world am I going to have star football, basketball, or baseball athletes in high school, I have no idea.) (Yes, it's probably pathetic how important that is to me.)
The newly weds... 
 And the last thing in Cedar was Christmas morning.  Before everyone woke up I went downstairs and did step aerobics and 8 minute abs just to get ready for Christmas!
Youtube 8 minute abs, it'll change your life.

My set up to do step
 (Routines are pinned to the back of the ping pong table so I can see them while I do the routines)
Then it was on to California.....................................

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