Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I'm currently teaching about the different regions of the United States.  I.E. excuses for me to just scroll through all my pictures from around the country and remember how awesome my trips have been.  So as I am sitting here in my big puffy down coat freezing to death, I'm dreaming about being somewhere, anywhere but here.  But since I'm stuck in this seat for at least 3 more hours................ I'll create my 10 ten favorite beaches of all time.

10. Lovers Beach, Cabo, Mexico

(technically this is divorce beach but who's counting? :)
9. Waimea Bay, North Shore, Hawaii

8. Sorrento, Italy

 Definitely not the best sand or prettiest beach but with a view like this and food like this.... it probably should have been number 1.

7. Sunset Beach, North Shore


6. South Beach Miami, Florida

Ridiculously warm, even at Christmas

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The water was INSANE.  Here is a picture from a water camera.

4. Newport Beach, CA
totally cliche but I'll always feel like this is my easiest beach of choice. 
(I have a bazillion pictures from here but am too lazy)

3. Plama de Mallorca, Island in western Mediterranean

2. Pensacola, Florida

Who knew there was such thing has perfectly white sand and beautiful tortoise water???

And the number one beach in my humble opinion????

 Any beach.  Any time.  Anywhere.  As long as there is sunshine and warm enough to enjoy it.  (this is Huntington Beach, CA)

That being said, how many days until Christmas Vacation?????

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goddessdivine said...

Oh man, I'll take any one of those beaches right now.