Friday, November 1, 2013

How well do you know the world?

So at Epcot I made this fun game to see how well my students knew architecture from around the world.  It's a great reality check for me to remember how little they know the world when the average on this quiz was probably a 30%.  So I am curious.  How would you do?  (Even if my mom is the only person to take the quiz.  And not to brag but I'm already sure she'll get a 100%.  She is the reason I love geography.) One other caution.  Yes these are ridiculous selfies.... because for some reason if I am in the picture my students pay so much more attention than if it's just a beautiful picture. (reason why I think the schools should pay me to travel the world. :)
I recognize you can see the answer on the banner.
I covered that up for the quiz for my students
I actually think this one is the hardest.

1. China
2. Mexico
7. Morocco
8. England
9. Canada
10. Ireland
11. South Korea
12. New Zealand


Natalie said...

i had some of the best japanese curry in epcot. haha.

Camile said...

I would have failed! I definitely need to travel the world - just so I can be better at my geography. ;)