Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Morning Rant.

Warning.  I really honestly try not to talk about politics anymore.... but I can't help it.  So if you are very pro-gun control....... this might be a post you want to skip.

Last night Jason and I went to see the new Tom Hanks movie. First..... can I tell you how excited I am to see Saving Mr. Banks???????? Merry Christmas to me!  I feel I probably need to rewatch Mary Poppins a few times before hand but I'm pretty excited.  Disneyland 1960's style??? What more could anyone ask for?

Anyway we went to see Captain Phillips.  It was super intense and entertaining... I didn't even sneak a peak at my phone once through the whole movie!  But the whole movie I couldn't help but be super duper mad.

The storyline is no shocker if you've seen the trailer.  Tom Hanks is a captain of a cargo ship sailing around the horn of Africa that gets taken over by Somalian Pirates.  

Here is the frustrating part of the entire movie. An entire ship worth millions of dollars and a crew of 25 were taken over by 4 punk kids because...... the ship had no means of defending itself.  Not a single gun.  Which of course in the end causes the American Military to plan a huge elaborate scheme to rescue the ship.  Our best estimates concluded that the super awesome (I love movies where our military kicks butt) mission to save this ship probably cost American Tax payers 10s of millions of dollars.  I think the military did exactly what it needed to do.  It was awesome.  It made me proud to me an American.

But I just can't understand how anyone could watch that movie and honestly say, "Yeah, I don't think common Americans should have the right to have guns. I think guns should be outlawed."  

I wish we lived in a perfect world where guns weren't needed.  But since that can not be the case...

The hard thing is... I don't want to carry a gun.  I don't want the responsibility of it.  But what I am so thankful for are the common citizens concealed weapons permit holders that are.    

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Caralee said...

I loved that movie as well, but I was also super bugged the whole time that one gun on board could have changed everything. The only means to defend themselves were "water guns"!!

I agree with you 100%. I also try not to be too political, but I feel strongly about this!