Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Best Friend

Last night as we were laying on the couch watching the 6th or 7th episode of Suits for the day. (Highly recommend the show.) Jason started teasing me doing something so silly I won't even tell you, yes that silly, anyways we both started laughing and couldn't stop. It was then that it hit me. It's hit me before I hope it hits me again. But I am so unbelievable grateful for him as my best friend.

If you have been a long time reader you might remember a countdown I did years ago called the worst thing to say to a single girl? Well there was one statement people made to me that was so hurtful I left it off the list. And the more I think about the more I know it isn't true. People would tell me I need to be happy. They said if you aren't happy now you won't be happy when you're married.

But the problem was I knew better.

One example in particular made me long for a friendship.... a relationship.... a companionship like theirs.

They are best friends.  There is no question about it.  And they have been nice enough to me the past 10 years to let me hang out with them.  And the entire time I just hoped that someday I could have a relationship like theirs.

So last night as I had tears rolling down my cheeks laughing at Jason doing a silly dance.... after we had spent the last solid 10 hours together... It hit me.  I love my best friend.

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