Monday, September 16, 2013

Today was a good day.

It's been a while since I've given a play by play of a day in my life... sadly due to a husband who doesn't care for pictures, I have completely gotten out of the habit of taking pictures but I'll find images somewhere...

Today started so wonderful because I slept in! Slept until 7! What the heck is wrong with me I cannot figure out, but lately I haven't been able to sleep beyond 5.

So I started at the gym with a step class and then when I normally would have done the pump class after my dear gym buddy Ashley and I ran on the treadmill.  The reason why I didn't dare lift another weight today is because I lifted super duper hard on Thursday and then on Friday Jason and I went climbing at the Quarry.  I can only mention climbing now because I have officially arrived!  We got me my own climbing shoes AND I climbed at 10a which Jason says is the difficulty you must be able to climb in order to say, Yeah I climb.

 Anyways, back to the gym. It is crazy how fast time flies when you can talk to someone while on the treadmill!  Ashley is a a second year in BYU Law and she just got two job offers!  So so proud of her!

Came home from the gym and at the most delicious breakfast consisting of homegrown peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, 2 egg whites, and homemade banana bread with lots of walnuts.  After taking a shower I jumped back in bed and read Austenland.
Kinda a super duper stupid book until the ending.  I cannot tell you how much I loved the ending!!!!  I love the ending so much that I cannot to wait to watch the movie with my friend Amelia this week.  (I am not going to make Jason suffer through such torture.)

When I finished the book Jason had got home from playing so we got ready to head on an adventure.  I was a little bummed that we didn't have a snack for our "road trip".  As I was searching our cupboards Jason was like, "Wait, wait, what's up here?"  He pulled a baggie full of Swedish Fish out from behind one of our paintings in our living room.  It's so hilarious!  We bought a huge back of Swedish Fish at Costco which I told him to hide so I didn't eat the whole thing in one sitting.  What I didn't understand is that he thought that meant he needed to hide baggies full of Swedish Fish throughout our apartment.  Some of my favorite hiding places I've found so far have been in the cushions of the couch, underneath the laundry soap, and my personal favorite in the guitar.

Anyway, on our adventure we first stopped with everyone else in Utah at Chalk the Block down in the Riverwoods.  Super fun, live music, and loads of Utah County people watching.

It was kinda a deary fallish day which made me want to go to Park City.  Jason had never been to Park City other than to snowboard/ski so it was a totally new adventure for him.  I must say one kinda down of the trip was.... the drive which is absolutely spectacular, was kinda a drag.  ALL the leaves that usually are an array of brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows..... were all an ugly brown. So when it normal looks like this:
it was a bit disappointing that they were all just a mute brown color....... I wonder why that happened??

Anyway we got to Park City to the most beautiful rainy cool weather, perfect to walk around at all the shops and visited some fun art galleries.  I know a lot of really hip travelers out there hate touristy areas... but I am such a sucker for them!  And Main Street Park City is definitely no exception.  We ended our visit with a delicious bowl of soup and then the most delicious smelling, yet not tasting.... so sad, bakery I've ever experienced.

As we drove home I told Jason every detail of the book Austenland.... poor guy.  I just loved the ending so much!

Then we got home, snuggled up on the couch and watched an episode of Prison Break which had to be followed by something nice and not scary so I didn't have nightmares... First episode of Pride and Prejudice.... and I fell asleep.

Like I said.... today was a good day.


Camile said...

Loved the hidden sweedish fish throughout the house! ha ha!

I read Austenland a few years back, so I can't remember any details, but I did like it (although I think it was pretty cheesy, right?) Anyway, I didn't know there was a movie - I will definitely have to see it!

goddessdivine said...

Book is better than the movie. As is always the case. But I won't say more to spoil it. And probably a wise thing not to take the hubby. ;-0