Monday, September 23, 2013

The Ending of an Era.

Yesterday on a bike ride up Provo Canyon I was listening to my grandpa's funeral.  P.S. I asked the biologist at my school about the leaves... they aren't brilliant this year due to the lack of water at the beginning of the summer. :( Anyway, I was listening to my grandpa's funeral.  Kinda weird I know, even weirder that I have listened to is multiple times.  I'm sure I look like an absolutely crazy person as I am running on the treadmill with tears flowing down my cheeks as I listen to it.  But the talks given at the funeral were absolutely beautiful so often when I'm sick of music I've been listening to them. (I used to listen to Mere Christianity and Harry Potter 7 but now that I can repeat both word for word, I've been trying to venture out.)

Anyway my uncle Nolan gave a wonderful talk that I feel really connected to.  But as I was listening to the talk something struck me this time.  He said, "My dad lived to find beauty."  As I was riding up the canyon through the gorgeous river bottom with arching trees and breath taking waterfalls I was inspired to create a life so someone would say about me someday.  But the more I thought about it the more I realized that although I do love beauty and seek beauty what I live for is people.  I love people.  Now what's hard about beauty is it's always just a fleeting moment when the sky reaches golden hour and the rays of sunlight cast a beautiful spotlight on a mountain or the valley floor is covered in wildflowers or a fresh blanket of snow turns an ugly dead forest into a winter wonderland.  Beauty is always fleeting.  But what's so hard for me is so are people.

Now clearly that's a ridiculous statement, people are clearly more stable and constant that a ray of sun or a wildflower or clean snow... but the moment when a group of people mesh and bond together that I long for so deeply... those moments of beauty to me.... they are fleeting moments that I live for.

As I was riding up the canyon I was thinking of some of my favorite groups of people that I loved so dearly.  Being that I love people I of course keep in contact with them but as we know it never really is the same.  And often times that depresses me.  The idea that it will never be the same.  The idea that the bond that once was so strong eventually becomes just memory.  But luckily as I was riding up the canyon I came to a realization.  Sure those eras are over.  Sure they will never return.  But how lucky is it that there are wonderful people everywhere!  That everywhere I turn I find a new group of people to love and adore and laugh with and cry with.  My current group is hands down the most eclectic but what makes me the most excited is that I love them almost just as much as any others.  Every day after I walk out of lunch I feel so privileged to even know them, lucky to be apart of them.

So today rather than being sad that these eras are over, I am happy that I know, groups of friends will come and go, but the best part is there is always something around the river bend.

But of course here is a picture of the group that will always and forever be my favorite.

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