Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Small Acts of Kindness.

I love people.  I love relationships.  This morning I am just sitting and thinking of all the random acts of kindness that have happened to me this week.  Sometimes life is hard.  It's life right?  But it's times when life is rough that the little things affect me so much.

I am just sitting here thinking of all the kind things that have happened to me the last week.  I mean simple things.  A card from my sister that brought me to tears, a invite from my bff to meet her at the zoo with Cafe Rio waiting, a hug from my mom, an email from my darling mother in law or a call from Lars on his drive back from Arizona.... or this:
When my dear friend walked into my classroom holding this box of home grown produce it took everything in me not to cry.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.  And the good part is, whenever someone does something nice, it's like a ripple affect and it makes me want to go out and spread sunshine.  So Joan, my students are thanking you. :)

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theriddle said...

Love you BFF!

(Joanie not Joan)