Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I'm always a little melancholy this time of year... this morning especially because I had this great idea Monday during my workout to run a half marathon this morning.  Ya know just run 13.1 miles for fun.  I even mapped it out on my bike yesterday.  But my poor bootie is way too sore from my workout on Monday.... I have no idea why.... to do it this morning.  So instead I'm sitting here reading blogs waiting to go to my gym class in an hour.

Speaking of blogs... another reason for my deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness I looked it up, that's what google says melancholy means.  I know I probably shouldn't talk about it because well it's kinda straight up creepy, but Hungry Runner Girl, my favorite blogger ever, who blogs twice a day and I read twice a day religiously.... And I did actually talk to her a few times and attend her classes at the gym (that is to make me feel better, like I actually know her) Anyway, she announced on her blog a couple of days ago that she filed for a divorce.  It's ridiculous how sad that made me.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Craig and I couldn't stop giggling yesterday when we thinking of different ways I could find out what happened to her marriage!  I even considered messaging one of Craig's long lost kinda ex girlfriends who I've seen on Hungry Runner Girl's blog multiple times since moving to California.  As we giggled at my ridiculousness I fabricated a message to this girl that sounded so ridiculous I almost sent it.  Or I considered texting my friend that I know is friends with Hungry Runner Girl.  I just was so sad and wanted to know what happened.

And at that point I realized.  It might be time for me to get a life.  I have very mixed feelings about starting another school year tomorrow.  Due to the classes it took to get endorsed to teach P.E. my summer felt a month shorter.  BUT on a happier note I get to teach an early morning P.E. class this year!  That's right, I know that doesn't sound appealing to 99% of you night people out there, but to me and the other 1% early birds, it sounds fantastic! This year I'll be teaching a P.E. class from 7:15-8:00 every morning before school.  Then school starts at 8:15.  And of course the extra money when I already have to be at the school at that time... doesn't hurt. :)

What a boring post.... so for anyone who just wanted pictures... Here are two pictures from this weekend we spent in Cedar.
Scum.   It's what my family lives for these days.

Craig's second birthday pie I made him.  With Drew who is obsessed with blowing out fire.

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