Monday, August 12, 2013

I Miss Disneyland

There I said it.  I've tried not to.  I've even tried to convince myself that my year with an annual pass ruined me.  That I never care to go to Disneyland when paying for 1 day again...........

But then I went to my school and my favorite bubbly secretary called out from her office, "Kristin! Get in here! I'm dying to hear how many times you went to Disneyland this summer."

Not. Once.

I've been missing it so much that I've been watching the Firework Show on Youtube.   So pathetic I know.  But for fun as I have been reminiscing about Disneyland I went through every single picture I have of Disneyland.    Yes, I realize I'm kinda pour salt in my wound.... but to make myself feel a little better... what's that cheesy quote, "Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened."

So here are some of my favorite pictures throughout the years of my favorite place.

This pictures perfectly illustrate how we do Disney.
With the characters:


The selfies:

The super cool people:
Oh the food....

 But let's be honest......... nothing will ever compare to the castle.




 Oh Disneyland How I Miss You.

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goddessdivine said...

I don't even want to ask how many times you've been. I think you already know this, but it's been at least 20 YEARS since I've been. Sad, yes.


And not to make you jealous. But guess where I'm going for Fall Break? (Yes, it's already planned.) Disneyworld baby!! I'd take you in my suitcase if you could stand leaving your hubby for the week. ;-0