Sunday, August 18, 2013

Conquering a Mountain.

I have marveled at the beauty of Mt. Timipanogous as long as I can remember.  When I was about 8 I was traveling with Aunt Raine to Idaho and she told me the legend of the Indian princess who's body is outlined in the mountain and her heart is in the cave.

In other words.  I've always had respect for that mountain.

I have never. ever. ever. had any desire to conquer her summit.

Then my awesome cousin's husband Paul suggest we do it.  

I was pretty nervous about it.  I get nervous about a lot of stuff.  But I got really nervous when Paul said, "Yeah I ran a marathon straight up American Fork Canyon last week.  I think this hike is harder."  Followed by, "Yeah I'm completing in a half Iron Man next week."  This guy clearly is in great shape.  

That being said.  I thought the climb up was fantastic!  Amazingly fun.  I'd do it a couple times a month.... if I didn't have to climb back down.

That being said, it was an awesome trip and Paul is hands down the funnest person we've ever hiked with!  He is just straight up awesome.

Yes that hair.

Yes, clearly so happy I couldn't even open my eyes.

Sadly my only picture of Paul!
Still trying to get over getting up at 4:20 on a Saturday...

Even better than the hike?  Meeting Jayann at Los Hermonos for a huge dinner and messages.  What a great day! 

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