Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Rainbow Seers

Last Sunday Jason and I were driving home from a trip to California. We drove through the desert in the middle of the afternoon. You can imagine my excitement when I saw big thunder clouds rolling in as we came out of the Gorge. There is nothing in this world that I love more than rain in the hot months in the desert. The smell of wet sand, sage brush, or Joshua trees rocks my world. I rolled down my window and squealed with delight as the rain pelted my hand at our high speed.

As we kept driving north I looked over to my right and was even more excited as I saw rainbows start to form. Not just one but two or three. It felt like everywhere I looked to the east and it was covered in rainbows as the sun was starting to set. I finally couldn't take it in any more without bursting! "Jason can you believe it! It's amazing!!! It's like nothing I've ever seen!!!" Jason, still concentrating on the swervey road through the Gorge, said, "Yeah rain is pretty cool." I said,"No, the rainbows!!!" He looked around a little confused, "What rainbows?" I was even more confused as I point out each one. Then I pulled off my sunglasses. The vibrant colorful rainbows that I saw across the sky that I had been seeing were just faintly there without my glasses. They were still there but barely. So faintly that I probably wouldn't even noticed them without my glasses. At first I was so bummed. Those beautiful colorful rainbows!!! They are gone! All these other drivers didn't get to see them! (Yes, I fully recognize I get way too dramatic about rainbows) But then I put my sun glasses back on and with a smile on my face I counted 4 beautiful rainbows across the desert of southern Utah. 

I started thinking about these Rainbow Seers...wondering how many times I've missed out on beautiful rainbows because I wasn't wearing them.  How much more beautiful the world is with them.  I feel like these sunglasses were just like how everyone was after Elder Bednar's Tender Mercy speech.  It seemed like every testimony meeting, every relief society lesson, and even casual conversations after that talk included this phrase tender mercy.  Clearly little blessings or little special moments occurred just as much before his speech, but it wasn't until we were made aware of them that we noticed them.  Just like the faint rainbows that were made brighter by the Rainbow Seers I wonder how often I miss out on beauty or blessings or kindness or goodness because I'm not looking.

This is clearly later on in the drive when the rainbows were spectacular even without the Rainbow Seers.

These are the Rainbow Seers... Vintage Sunglasses from an Azusa thrift store. 

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Angela said...

I love it! I gotta get me some rainbow seers for life :)