Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Heart will Always Belong to Idaho.

I wish I could put into words what Idaho means to me.  I wish I could capture with pictures the beauty that it creates.  But alas........ I guess only memories.....

I had the most wonderful week in Idaho/Wyoming/Montana. It was so fun to have my dad, all my brothers, and Jason there.  They spent a day floating down the Hoback, a section of the Snake River outside of Jackson.  My dad has probably floated that part of the river over 100 times and he said it was one of the best rides ever.  That night they spend the night in Island Park then when on the notorious fishing trip down the grand canyon of Yellowstone.  The hike is insane and the fishing is even crazier.  Jason, who has only fished once previously, caught 35 fish in 3 hours.  Can you even imagine??? The expert fishermen of the trip caught around 70 fish.  They had a blast.

I spent some much needed time hanging out with Erica, my cousin and best friend.  I don't know what it is about Idaho sunsets but every time I see one I long for heaven.  

 Then one morning to avoid any farm dogs.... I hate running around dogs not on chains.... I ran on the highway towards the Grand Tetons.  It was such a beautiful morning.
 I only picked one of those baskets but there were so many raspberries I couldn't believe it!
 Speaking of Raspberries.... Erica and I went on a mountain bike ride following Warm River in Island Park.  It was spectacular and we found wild raspberries!!!  I was pretty scared that we would find a bear ticked off we were eating his berries.... but don't worry Erica had Bear Mace.
A view from our ride
 After our ride Erica and I headed to West Yellowstone.  Although we only lived there for 2 months 12 years ago, the memories there are endless.  The nostalgia was incredible.

 Then we met up with the fisherman before we headed to Beauty and the Beast at Playmill.

 The next morning after an eventful church meeting at Mack's Inn in Island Park I hoped in my car to make my first ever trip through the entire Yellowstone Park to Cooke City, Montana to spend a day with my friend Joanie at her family cabin.
All you need: Gummy Candy, Water, Lotion, and a Map.
 It was really fun to see a whole part of the park that I have never seen.  It was a beautiful not crowded Sunday in the park.  Through the trip I saw a huge bull moose, antelope, deer, elk, swans, geese, a coyote, and of course my least favorite lots and lots of buffalo.

I was so excited to travel to Cooke City hoping to see a bear.... but this is the closest thing I saw to a bear.
 Joanie's family took me to the top of Daisy's and LuLu's Pass to see some of the most spectacular views of the Beartooth Mountains.

 Then we went to an old mine building.... I think we should name it the Leaning Tower of Montana.  They all climbed to the top.......... but I was happy to stay on firm ground.

 I went back to Teton and spend some more time with Erica and her parents.  My run that morning started pretty crappy.... sometimes I just hate running but then I decided to make a detour into the middle of a farmers field.  I had a great time running through potatoes and wheat fields.  Oh how I love Idaho.

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Camile said...

Yes! Idaho is the BEST!!! When we were there we spent time hiking at Kelly Canyon and canoeing in Island Park. It was chicken soup for the soul! You're right - there are just no words to describe the fresh and crisp mountain air and the beauty of the mountains and farm land. Oh! I just love that place! Sounds like you had a great time. Great pictures too!