Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

This morning on my run I got really emotional when I started thinking about what Independence means to me. I instantly thought of my two grandpas who were willing to sacrifice their lives fighting for a country that they believed in. Nowadays there isn't much I believe in in this country of ours... Probably not even the fights that many of the American soldiers have died in. But today what I am so proud of is the men and women of today and our past that have been willing to fight and sacrifice so much for this country. I'm so grateful for this country and the freedom it's given my forefathers to make the American Dream a reality. To take a poor uneducated sheepherder and make him a pilot and eventually a rocket scientist. Or a homeless fruit picker and help him fulfill his dreams to be a artist and professor. Without their belief in this country and their willingness to fight for her, their dreams never would have come true. It is the dreams that America creates that I am grateful for this 4th of July. It is the hope of a better tomorrow that makes me proud to be an American. So today and always God bless America.

1945: Wesley Bartholomew: Army Air Corps:South Pacific                        1944: H. Oliver Parson: Army: France


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... And yeah, I teared up reading this.