Monday, July 22, 2013


Friday was as perfect of a summer day as I could have dreamed of.

Woke up early, rode bikes up City Creek Canyon, ate the most delicious waffles ever, headed straight to 7 Peaks, Halukia Shaved Ice, a bullet bike ride up Provo Canyon, Cafe Rio, and 2 or 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  It doesn't get much better than that!

As we were riding up City Creek, a fantastic little climb if you've never done it, it was absolutely beautiful.  Who knew that two minutes out of downtown Salt Lake was such a beautiful canyon with a darling little stream.  My friend and I were talking.  We've both struggled with/been very conscience of our weight our whole lives.  We've often talked about the challenges associated with that.  She is my hero having gone over a year without eating processed sugar.

But  I digressed.  As we were riding up this spectacular canyon with the wild flowers and the birds and of course my favorite the signs warning of bears it hit me.  Sure it sucks not being stick skinny.  It sucks waking up before 6 every morning to hit the road or treadmill or gym.  But we started talking about all the beauty we have got to see along the way.  The beauty of watching the sunrise at the end of a long run or the trails on a road bike that we never would have seen.

We've learned so much and seen so much and felt like we have accomplished so much.  In the height of the moment with the cool mountain breeze and the smell of the outdoors I said, "I'm so grateful that I've always had to workout so hard to work towards a body that I want."

And then I thought about it.

Nah... sleeping in would sure be nice.

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