Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding Theme

Like I've said before my theme for my wedding was "A 70 year old billionaire's birthday party."  So my colors were black and white with accents of pink and gold.  I got the color of pink from a raw silk that my aunt was planning on using for a pillow on her bed.  So my plan was to have my brides maids in white shirts with pencil skirts in that pink silk.  When I realized it was going to be cold I decided to add black blazers or cardigans to their outfits so they wouldn't freeze to death.

My bridesmaids were all my Parson first cousins.  I've written about it before how lucky I am to have an amazing family with lots of girl cousins around my age.  These girls have been my best friends as long as I can remember.  But since there are so many of us, none of them (all married) used any of the cousins as brides maids.  They didn't want anyone to feel left out.  So I figured since I am the very last Parson girl cousin it was only fitting for me to ask them all to be brides maids.  One was very pregnant and politely declined and a few couldn't make it to the wedding, but still I am so so so glad that I asked these girls to be my brides maids!

Probably now would be a good time to explain the location.  This dock that we are jumping on is located in Jason's parents backyard.  If you look over the far left bridesmaid, Erica, you can see Jason's parent's house and the rest of the reception site.

Jason's parents house is in a French Gothic theme.  They have a spectacular backyard with a gorgeous pool and rolling hills of grass to the lake.  I knew that this was the perfect location for our reception dinner.  I wanted to keep hints of the French theme in the reception.

I wish I had pictures of the walk to Jason's parents house but sadly I don't have any but just imagine and enchanting walk up an old cobble stone driveway the led to the front door that led into a magical world.  My aunt Raine set up a French market "scene" with paintings and fresh flowers in the entry way.  Once again no pictures :( but so cute.  Then you walked into the court yard area of the yard.  This is where there was a photo station set up by Jason's so talented sister, present table, and my personal favorite.... the Fruit, cheese, and cracker table (if only we drank wine.)  
Some examples of the photo station:


 Only the only picture of the I have of the fruit and cheese table, taken by my darling cousin Deveri.
It tasted as good as it looked.... arguably the best strawberries ever!
Then you walked around the pool to the tables facing the lake on one side and the cake in the gazebo on the other.

 All the tables were rounds except the wedding party that sat at a long S table at the front by the gazebo.  I absolutely love how the tables turned out.  I love love loved my center pieces with tall glass vases that had orchids floating in the water and my favorite part was the little light lit at the bottom that made the vases glow as it got dark.

The Cake.  I didn't start out very passionate about the cake.  But by the end I knew exactly what I wanted.  The cake was a rosemary lemon cake with whipped cream and strawberries on the side.  But it did turn out fabulous.

I was stressed about three main things with the tables: how to incorporate the gold, how to do the numbering system, and how to do the napkins.  With much help from Nils and Raine of course it turned out fantastic.  At each setting there was the napkin with our custom made logo letter pressed used as napkin holders, a french pastry, and a Monet or Renoir postcard with a individualized message from Jason and I thanking that person for making the trip to celebrate our wedding with us.  ( I got this idea from one of the most spectacular weddings I've ever been to, my old roommate Andrea who actually made it to my wedding!)

 The lighting for the event was very important to me.  More than anything I wanted the ping pong lights like on the Pier at California Adventure.  I probably need to add right now I have the most fantastic husband and in laws a girl could ask for.  Because I wanted the lights... but they were the poor ones that did all the work to get them put up!  But it made the transition from a radiant sunset to a magical evening perfect that night.

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the dinner.  It was Chicken Marsala with Roasted Red Potatoes, Strawberry Feta Poppyseed Spinach Salad, and Italian Grilled Veggies and of course rolls and strawberry lemonade.  (I hit my hard stuff (Diet Coke) under the table ;)

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