Friday, June 14, 2013

The Wedding Program

I have wedding line anxiety.  And the more I admit that to people, I find that many have the same problem.  My solution: no wedding line!  But I still wanted everyone to feel a part of the event.  I wanted everyone to get to feel like they know Jason and I better and really got to be a part of the celebration.  My solution was to make our wedding reception a sit down dinner with a program.  Words can not express how wonderful it turned out.  Clearly words and pictures can't recapture the event, but boy... we'll try. :)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jason Braithwaite.

Some pictures of people eating:

When people finished eating we started the program.  The program started with our dad's speaking.

You can tell my Lars' smile how the speech is going.

Or by my mom's laugh....

Then we had a very special musical number written by Nils and my cousin's husband Daniel.  Sadly Daniel had to leave AND Erik, who came up for the idea of the song YEARS ago couldn't make it, but Mossi and company really pulled through with this number.  I can not wait to get the wedding video to be able show.  But until then some pictures and reactions will have to do.

Then we had two more speeches that sadly were not filmed.  First was Lars who started with a great one liner.
 "You know, I really can't tell you how happy I am that Kristin is getting married for many reasons but most important, now maybe people will finally believe our relationship is purely platonic."

Then Jason's sister gave a sweet talk with a great one liner at the end... :)
Then Lars debuted our Love Story Video.

Then as the grand finale my dear friend since 6th grade, Ashley Goodrich Dixon, gave an embarrassing account of my teenage years! It was fantastic!

Then Jason and I spoke thanking everyone for coming.  I also said, "I've picture this moment for many many years.  And I am happy to say the wait has definitely been worth it."

Followed by our first dance to Louis Armstrong's When you Wish Upon a Star.  Here I should add that I had THE best DJ/MC you could possibly imagine.  Mossi can make any event the BEST!

After we danced we invited everyone to join us on the dance floor as my best friend Joanie sang "La Vie en Rose".  It was absolutely magical.

Enough with the commentary.  The pictures tell the rest of the story.

And this is where I guess we say, "And They Lived Happily Ever After."

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