Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So How's Married Life?

People all the time ask me how married life is.  Of course my favorite is when a divorced person asks because they instantly say, "But of course I know you won't tell me it's terrible even if it is." :)
So I figure I might as well write down how I really feel about it for those who are curious and haven't asked or for some day in the future when life isn't all roses so I can remember.

As I've been laying in bed not able to sleep I was trying to put into words why marriage has been the best thing that ever happened to me.  The first thing happened at dinner tonight.  We had just sat down to a marinated grill salmon, oven fries, and brown sugar glazed carrots dinner when Jason said, "Sometimes I'm afraid I am going to wake up."  It was out of no where so at first I just looked puzzled at him for a minute.  He went on to say other super sweet things but you get the jist.

The other example I was thinking about was when we were watching TV a couple of nights ago.  In the show there was a crazy stalker girl.... we all know at least one of those right.  And if I'm going to be truly honest, I'm sure I've been the crazy stalker girl one too many times.  So I was joking with Jason about the crazy stalker girls he'd had in his dating life.  I teased because Jason of all guys would not tolerate it.  He's been known to not necessarily be the nicest guy to such girls... so feeling a little insecure I said, "What if I was the crazy girl?"  He looked at me puzzled and said, "You won't be, you are a keeper."  And that is how Jason has treated me from day 1.  Sure we have fought or disagreed or even at one point or another questioned whether or not we should be together.  But he has always treated me like I was a keeper.

I know I know way too mushy.  But honestly, this is how I feel about marriage.  One of the most annoying things said to me as a single was, "You won't be happy when you are married if you aren't happy when you are single."  90% of any unhappiness has disappeared out of my life by getting married.  Sure I still don't always love my job, or feel like I don't have any friends (in Utah Valley that can hang out with me at the drop of a hat), or am always still bored, or am having a difficult time going back to a student life style.  But in comparison I am so ridiculously happy otherwise there is no comparison.

I know this time of life will change.  I know we won't always be so excited to finish dinner so we can sit on the couch and stare at each other.  But right now life is more wonderful than I could have even possibly imagined.

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Natalie said...

this makes me happy :)