Thursday, June 27, 2013

Running part... 56?

My love/hate relationship really doesn't change.  Whenever I talk to someone and I tell them I run quite a bit and they respond with, "I hate running."  I don't think they realize how much I understand and relate to such a comment.  I think some people think that it's less painful or easy for some... which might be true but it gives me so much comfort when I hear runner talk about an awful run.  I am quite obsessed with Hungry Runner Girl's blog. I used to attend her spin class and I watch her run on the treadmill (When I thought she was exercise o rexic or just anorexic) (Now I know from her confessions on her blog she was probably both) but I know reading her blog.  I think it's because all it is about is working out, food, and traveling.   Anyway, I love to hear her talk about how even she hates running sometimes.

Anyway, I've been kinda depressed lately because due to injury or lack of motivation I haven't ran very much.  Honestly, I thought I had lost my will power to run 7 + miles... and then I went to California.  Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't like magically I loved running again.  And I've been doing lots of different cardio instead of running... but when I went to California, on day 4 of running... the most wonderful thing happened.  I had one of those runs.  Probably 1 out of 25 runs where it was fun, where I forgot about the pain, where I enjoyed every single minute of it.  It is runs like this that make the other 24 runs worth it.  What made this run so different?  Newport.  I ran from Corona Del Mar to Balboa Island with the smell of the cool ocean breeze and a gorgeous view of some of the most spectacular beach houses in southern California.  Sadly I didn't stop and take pictures along the way, but here are some pictures our dreamy day in Newport.

 Best lunch ever... Caprese Salad followed by Bubble Gum Flavored Frozen Yogurt. Life doesn't get better than this.

But speaking of running... the creepy thing that happened the day after this run... I was running around the cute town of Brea when I got the bright idea to run up Brea Canyon.  I had never been up it but it looked cute and woodsy so I had a great time running up the Canyon.  The strange thing was everyone that drove by gave me a crazy look.  I couldn't figure out why.  I mean I figured it was because the speed limit on the road was 55ish and at some points there wasn't much shoulder.  But I didn't think it was that bad.  I really was confused by the looks on drivers faces....

Then I heard about this ........

Yes, the previous day, there was a garbage can just sitting on the sit of the road of the canyon that I was running on... a curious commuter that had seen the garage can appear Monday, and by Friday so curious he pulled over to see what was inside.....

No wonder people looked at me like I was a crazy lunatic for running up the canyon by myself the next day.

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