Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Life in a Nut Shell.

Well. We finally got internet.  It's shockingly pathetic how drastically that affects my existence.  I work at a school all day in front of computer, you wouldn't think having it at my apartment would be that big of deal...
Speaking of school.... arguably my favorite day of the year:

Lagoon Day
So my little brother Chaddy got married last week.  It was an amazing event but the best part of the entire day, was to see Chad's smile.  He looked so unbelievably happy!

I'm also SO excited because Craig is in town!!!! It's his last real summer vacation (he just survived his first year of med school) and I am SO excited to have him back!  I have missed having him out of Utah Valley for the last 9 months!

Chad's reception was in this awesome green house, which was the smartest move ever, because I think the day of his wedding was the day of the most rainfall in the last year.... so it worked out perfect!
Probably one of the best cakes I've ever tasted.

Just some models I found to show how amazing the place was. ;)
You should have seen how big the eyes' of all my nephews and nieces were when they saw Coldstone Creamery was being served at the wedding reception!  It was amazing.

And this last picture from the wedding could have it's own blogpost.  While Chad and Maddie were dancing Sadie turned to her mom and said, "Mom, where's Kristin?  I need her help to catch the flowers!"  When Jeanine told me that my heart just about melted.  I was honestly tempted to take on the humiliation of getting in that pack of girls one more time... just for Sadie.  Well.  I had a better idea.  Craig's girlfriend!!!!  I said, "I know this bouquet thing probably isn't your thing, but could you PLEASE go catch the bouquet for Sadie?" (Of course I wouldn't mind if she got some luck too ;)  

Well the picture says it all.

So the other day I was driving behind Jason looking into the back of his truck wondering.... how in the world did this become my life????

 So that night we went camping up Squaw Peak.  The sunset was absolutely glorious!  It made the aspens almost look like they were on fire with the golden rays.  Poor Jason, can you imagine me freaking out, "LOOK at the lighting!  Look at the lighting!!!" over and over and over again.

But the most eventful part of the trip was right before bed time when a cute little 10 year old kid in full camo walked into our camp and said in his hick accent glory, "Just want to make sure you guys know, we saw a huge black bear about a mile away so you will want to have your gun ready tonight."

Of course I freaked out a little.  It's hilarious.  I lived in West Yellowstone Montana for a summer... we camped out, at least once a week?  Not once did I even worry about the bears.  Grizzly Bears.  And now I'm terrified of one measly black bear?

So what did I want to do?  Call my dad.  But I resisted.  (It is kinda pathetic that I still think that my dad does have a wealth of all knowledge when it comes to things like animals.) But then I joked, "Ok, we won't call my dad.  We'll call my uncle Leon!" (Avid hunter/wildlife painter)  But as you can see.... clearly the bear didn't eat us for a midnight snack.)

You might remember back 4 years ago when Shane introduced me to Terra Mia, the authentic Italian Pizza.  4 years later.... I'm still in love with this stuff!  And now they have a lunch menu where the pizza is $6!  Can't beat that.

Then on Saturday we went to a gorgeous reception up South Fork Canyon of two base jumpers that Jason introduced.


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Jen and Jake Boyer said...

Jason with a gun?? Id trust him with my life!! And that camping set up is so dang cute! it makes me want to do that, but i hate camping, and i have a kid, and we'd probly just go pay $200 for a nice hotel room because we are idiots like that, haha. You guys look like your having a blast!