Friday, June 7, 2013

Almost exactly a year ago...

I got on a plane and headed to Europe.  My little Zoe that's not so little any more is there now.  Going on the almost exact trip I went on.  She's been giving me updates along the way.  So I've been looking through my pictures.... loving every minute of just dreaming about being there again.

But instead of reliving a play by play, I'm going to give my top 10 favorite things I ate in Europe instead.  For the record, the shocking thing, I wasn't hungry like the entire trip.  Not only was it frustrating to the girls I went with because I never wanted to take time to eat, but it was SO frustrating to me  because I live to eat.  Especially Italian!

Probably my favorite LOOKING food of the trip.  But I wasn't hungry so I didn't taste it :(
 Number 10: Carnival Cruise Food.  Sadly wasn't my favorite.  But here were my three favorite things I ate on the cruise, well besides of the Omelet Bar I ate at every morning that had arugula, swiss cheese, tomatoes, and egg whites.  Rocked my world.

But as for these three pictures: the first was a strawberry "soup". Oh my goodness it was delicious!  They poured it for you in the bowl every time.  I think I ordered it like 3 times each night they had it.  (remember I was on this ship 12 days).  The second was my choice of dessert every night. Molten Lava Cake with Ice Cream.  Delicious.  And honestly, the only dessert on the ship worth eating.  And last but certainly not least.  On the ship days where we just laid at the pool a half pina colada half strawberry daquari was fantastic.  Of course my favorite part was always when I asked for a "virgin" drink and the bar tender looked and me and said, "you know that means no alcohol right?"

Number 9: Everywhere in Europe: Coca Cola Light: and I'll be honest....... I actually didn't love it.  And the can was WAY too small.  But dude, a Diet Coke can bring a smile to anyone.  


Number 8: Barcelona, Spain: A darling little "Salad Bar" shop.  Like real different salads.  The only thing I can compare it to is one of my favorite restaurants in Pasadena called Lemonade.  

Number 7: Florence, Italy produced my first authentic  Tiramisu ... (Yes, look at my smile)

Number 6: "Yogurtland" but Spain style.  Real yogurt will all sorts of delicious toppings!  And the darling Dutch girl living in Spain that had beautiful English that she learned from "Grey's Anatomy"

Number 5: Authentic European Breakfast: Barcelona

 Number 4: The Gelato.  My favorite was the Hazelnut in Barcelona.... but the Nutella was pretty impressive in Sorrento.

Number 3: The Caprese Salad:  I had it every where that I went.  My favorite shockingly was in the Frankfort airport but the Croatia one was darling with the olives.

Number 2: Sorrento, Italy aka My Heaven.  I know I already made a whole category for caprese salad.  But this one deserves it's own post.  This was the best fresh mozzarella I have ever tasted.  Moist, tender, and the perfect amount of salt for a powerhouse of flavor.   And with it?  Of course, being located less than an hour from Naples, the best margarita pizza in history.  

The Number One Food I had in my 14 day European Vacation comes from Taromina on the Island of Sicily.

The Best Canoli you can possibly imagine.  Why was it so good you ask?  First: Roasted Pistachios. Super light, flaky delicious shell... but the best part the cheesy, kinda sweet but not TOO sweet creamy inside.  Best 7 dollars I've ever spent. 

My least favorite taste or better worded smell of the trip?

When in Rome, Right?

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