Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 Month

Now that's been 3 whole months since I became a Mrs. I figure I can now go through a play by play of the wedding day. I hope every brides feels about their wedding day the way I feel. Sure a couple of things didn't happen exactly how I planned but over all it was hands down the best wedding ever.

One thing I knew since the time I woke up at 4 am with my friend Tiffany on her wedding day was I want to get married as late in the day as possible. I didn't want to feel rushed or stressed or not have time to be with people that came to my wedding. So we didn't get married until 2:30. 

So like I've always wanted my day started with a run around some of my favorite palm tree lined streets of Glendora.  I didn't push it really hard or go an extra long distance. I just wanted to get out and get moving that morning.  I came home and ate delicious left overs from the bridal shower the night before while Franci did my hair and make up. Lars was there filming while Zoe and my bridesmaids entertained me. 

Probably one of the most precious parts of the day was when Lars and I traveled alone down the coastline to San Diego. We had to go earlier than planned because our pre-wedding day photos didn't happen due to rain. So Lars, the videographer, and I road tripped one last time the two hours to La Jolla. As always we talked about life, our futures, and how fantastic our current situations were. Probably the best part of the whole day and especially the trip down was I wasn't nervous at all. I knew I was making the best decision and I was so excited to be with Jason forever. 

We met Jason and Renee, his sister and our photographer, at La Jolla Cove.  It was fun to do a "first look" where Jason turned around until I was close enough for him to see me. His reaction was priceless.

  I wanted pictures of the ocean and palms trees. And that was exactly what I got!

We had to hurry to the temple and go straight in to get ready for the wedding. As always in the temple it was hurry up and wait. Someday I hope to gain more patience. It was fun to see family and friends as they came in for the wedding. One especially sweet couple, my old bishop, and next door neighbors for 17 years in Cedar drove down to San Diego just to attend the sealing and head to Arizona. (They acted like San Diego was on the way!)

Coming out of the temple was so fun!  Having everyone line up in a tunnel for us to walk through was so amazing!

But of course the picture that always brings me to tears is the picture of all the family and friends that traveled so far to come to the wedding.  I look at this picture over and over again and can't believe I am so lucky to have all these wonderful people in my life!

To be continued.

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Natalie said...

you always hit me with a "to be continued." i want more!