Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's not very often that  I watch a movie and am affected by it.  It sometimes makes me feel like an emotionless robot.  I watched a movie with a group of my family and when it got to the what should be a very emotional ending they all sobbed, hugged, and passed around the tissues as they cried on each others' shoulders.    Then there was Kristin.  Awkwardly shifting positions in my seat hoping no one will notice that the movie didn't even phase me.

So it is to great relief when I watch a movie that deeply moves me.  And of course it was a movie about baseball.  I absolutely loved the movie 42.  I laughed and cried and everything in between.  There is just something about sports that bring out characteristics like courage and triumph that really affect me. Whole point is... wonderful movie.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Running part... 56?

My love/hate relationship really doesn't change.  Whenever I talk to someone and I tell them I run quite a bit and they respond with, "I hate running."  I don't think they realize how much I understand and relate to such a comment.  I think some people think that it's less painful or easy for some... which might be true but it gives me so much comfort when I hear runner talk about an awful run.  I am quite obsessed with Hungry Runner Girl's blog. I used to attend her spin class and I watch her run on the treadmill (When I thought she was exercise o rexic or just anorexic) (Now I know from her confessions on her blog she was probably both) but I know reading her blog.  I think it's because all it is about is working out, food, and traveling.   Anyway, I love to hear her talk about how even she hates running sometimes.

Anyway, I've been kinda depressed lately because due to injury or lack of motivation I haven't ran very much.  Honestly, I thought I had lost my will power to run 7 + miles... and then I went to California.  Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't like magically I loved running again.  And I've been doing lots of different cardio instead of running... but when I went to California, on day 4 of running... the most wonderful thing happened.  I had one of those runs.  Probably 1 out of 25 runs where it was fun, where I forgot about the pain, where I enjoyed every single minute of it.  It is runs like this that make the other 24 runs worth it.  What made this run so different?  Newport.  I ran from Corona Del Mar to Balboa Island with the smell of the cool ocean breeze and a gorgeous view of some of the most spectacular beach houses in southern California.  Sadly I didn't stop and take pictures along the way, but here are some pictures our dreamy day in Newport.

 Best lunch ever... Caprese Salad followed by Bubble Gum Flavored Frozen Yogurt. Life doesn't get better than this.

But speaking of running... the creepy thing that happened the day after this run... I was running around the cute town of Brea when I got the bright idea to run up Brea Canyon.  I had never been up it but it looked cute and woodsy so I had a great time running up the Canyon.  The strange thing was everyone that drove by gave me a crazy look.  I couldn't figure out why.  I mean I figured it was because the speed limit on the road was 55ish and at some points there wasn't much shoulder.  But I didn't think it was that bad.  I really was confused by the looks on drivers faces....

Then I heard about this ........

Yes, the previous day, there was a garbage can just sitting on the sit of the road of the canyon that I was running on... a curious commuter that had seen the garage can appear Monday, and by Friday so curious he pulled over to see what was inside.....

No wonder people looked at me like I was a crazy lunatic for running up the canyon by myself the next day.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Betty Crocker Award

My mom will probably be embarrassed that I am telling you all this, but when she was in high school she won her high schools cooking competition making her Miss Betty Crocker.  Now the intimidating part of this story is she won for making a pie!  So my whole life, although she'll be very modest about this, my mom has made the perfect pie crusts.  So you can imagine my disappointment when I've tried to make pies with her and my pies have never came close to hers!

Jason loves pie... so much that he's wanted to go eat and Village Inn (gross) just to get the free pie on Wednesdays.  So he keeps wanting to make a pie.  Of course he has no idea the tools necessary, the work involved to making a pie.  I've already boughten the rolling pie, 3 pie dishes... now I just have to get the pastry cutter and the pastry clothes and we are in business!

Every time I see my aunt Raine make pies her crust looks easy! workable! beautiful!  So yesterday I begged her to show me how she makes her million dollar apple pie.

I wish I had pictures of the whole thing, but sadly I'll just have to explain.

First the crust:

This recipe is really called Million Dollar Pie Crust.  (My mom uses the same recipe)
5 C flour
2 C Shortening (Raine always uses the butter flavor but my mom doesn't)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 egg
a little more than a T of apple cider vinegar (Raine has it in the fridge so it's cold)

Put the egg and vinegar in a liquid measuring cup and mix it together.  Then add enough cold water to the mixture for it to equal a little more than a cup.

Cut the shortening into the flour/salt/sugar mixture.  This is where my mom and Raine differienate again.  Raine just cuts it in enough that the shortening is in pea size balls where as when I've watched my mom or Craig (because he loves pie so my mom makes him cut in the shortening) they cut in the shortening for what seems like forever.

The pouring in of the liquid seems like the most delicate tricky part.  Raine pours a line in the dry pea sized balls mixture then pushes the wet mixture over to pour another line in the dry mixture.  It was a bit of a process to get all of the mixture wet but not too wet.  We had at least a 1/4 c of the wet mixture left when Raine had determined it was wet enough.  (Rocket Science)  (No wonder I've never made pies)

Anyway, here is another part my mom and Raine are different.  My mom always refrigerates the dough for an hourish where Raine goes straight to work.  The less you handle the crust the better.

Oh here is Raine's apple filling for 2 apple pies
12-14 (We used 12) Golden Delicious Apples
1 C Brown Sugar
1/2 C White Sugar
1/3 C flour
2 tsp cinnamon
dash of salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Preheat oven to 400. Put apple mixture in then dot with butter.  Put tin foil on the edges to prevent from burning and bake for 55 minutes.  Remove foil paint egg white and water mixture on crust and cook for 5-10 more minutes.

I can feel it.  I have Betty Crocker genes in my somewhere. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nostalgia part 5?

Really I think it is something I love about life.  I love Nostalgia.  I love that I long for a sunset in August in Idaho with the smell of alphalfa as the hot summers day is cooling.... I love that crave a snow cone in the new spring sun in St. George every spring break and I can faintly hear this Indian whistle (don't ask)... or every October I want to watch a football game while seeing the leaves change around the C on the mountain.

And now I am finding the newest addition to my list.  June. Glendora. Humidity.  Little bit of heat. And glorious flowers everywhere. And of course lots and lots of Disneyland.  

Myra needed a road trip buddy to California this week so I graciously offered to start my summer vacation in paradise.  It wasn't until we got here that it hit me.  The Nastolsia.  I'm trying to wrap my head around why I love the feeling of nostolsia.  Sure it means that something great happened there but it is more than that.  I think what I love about it is the almost melancholy feeling that you can never recreate a moment in time.  I'm here this week but things are so different from two years ago.  Lars no long lives in the room next door, he's not even in town.  I no longer have a Disneyland pass so no more trips to the happiest place on earth.  But I still love to make this trip down memory lane.  I learned so much staying in the sunshine room exactly two years ago.  I learned about living life at at ten and honestly my life has not been the same since.  I guess why I love nostolsia is it teaches me over and over again that you have to live in the moment.  You can never recreate it.  You can never return to it.  You have to live it up now.  Carpe Diem. 

So in honor of this trip now memory lane.  Here is the final post I wrote as I left and here are some of my favorite pictures from the Summer of 2011.


Oh California how I love you. 

But the best part of this all... is life isn't over.  Really it's just begun.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's a Tramp

It's sad.  There have been times in my life when I would read 3-4 books a week where recently if someone asked me my favorite book I would stumble over the question.  So as I was sitting in my classroom being bored out of my mind the other day I decided to pick up and read what I would claim is probably in my 3 top favorite books of all time.

Tramp for the Lord by Corrie tin Boom.

Now I first heard about this book, being the sequel of the very famous The Hiding Place, by Dr. DeMille, if you don't know who he is it doesn't matter, yes he is a self proclaimed Dr. but he has read more books than anyone I know.  Dr. DeMille told us once it was his favorite book of all time.  So of course being the curious cat that I am I went out and searched for it.

The whole book is about the journey of a 55-90 year old holocaust survivor who dedicates her life as a missionary for the Lord.

It's funny how God works.  Why I felt the sudden urge to pick up and read this book again after years of collecting dust on my shelf I have no idea, but there is no question that I needed it.

So I started reading it.  The next Sunday we got called by a bishopric member.  We were out of town.  We easily could have just ignored the message.  But instead we got up early Sunday morning so we could drive back to meet.  Before we went to meet Jason looked at me and said, "So we are going to say yes to whatever calling they want to give us right?"

What a good guy.  I knew that he was thinking exactly what I was thinking.  I've dreamed of finally leaving the singles ward and getting real callings.  Jason loves scouting and would love to do that.  I would LOVE to be in Young Womens and try and help girls make it through the most difficult defining years of their life... finally be able to talk Gospel Principles with teenagers rather than coded secular language but trying to teach the same principles.  (You should see how I teach that you shouldn't steady date in high school.  It's brilliant.)  But Jason knew exactly what I was thinking.  There was one and only one calling that I didn't want. Nursery.

You know exactly where this story is headed.  I knew exactly where this story was headed.  What I didn't know was how I would feel like I got punched in the stomach when the word left my bishopric member's mouth.

I'm probably too embarrassed to even go through all the thoughts and emotions that I was feeling.  But I'm sure you can imagine without me even saying them.  The bottom line is I feel like there are two camps of girls.  One camp that is filled with girls that love babies, flock to babies, dream of babies, and live for babies.  And then there is the outcasts, the misfits those of us that wish kids came out around the age of 5.

I won't even go into the nasty details of my sulking.  (Just imagine the tantrum a two year old would throw when his mommy won't buy him candy bar in line at the grocery store) And it wasn't until I was sitting in church reading Corrie tin Boom's stories that it hit me.  As I read her stories I got excited!  I wanted to do missionary work!  I wanted to travel the world and preach the Gospel!  I wanted to be the next tramp for the Lord!  But heaven for bid if He asks me to babysit 10 two year olds for 2 hours a week....

But as Corrie would say,"Well it must be for some reason, nothing happens by chance to a child of God."

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Wedding Program

I have wedding line anxiety.  And the more I admit that to people, I find that many have the same problem.  My solution: no wedding line!  But I still wanted everyone to feel a part of the event.  I wanted everyone to get to feel like they know Jason and I better and really got to be a part of the celebration.  My solution was to make our wedding reception a sit down dinner with a program.  Words can not express how wonderful it turned out.  Clearly words and pictures can't recapture the event, but boy... we'll try. :)

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jason Braithwaite.

Some pictures of people eating:

When people finished eating we started the program.  The program started with our dad's speaking.

You can tell my Lars' smile how the speech is going.

Or by my mom's laugh....

Then we had a very special musical number written by Nils and my cousin's husband Daniel.  Sadly Daniel had to leave AND Erik, who came up for the idea of the song YEARS ago couldn't make it, but Mossi and company really pulled through with this number.  I can not wait to get the wedding video to be able show.  But until then some pictures and reactions will have to do.

Then we had two more speeches that sadly were not filmed.  First was Lars who started with a great one liner.
 "You know, I really can't tell you how happy I am that Kristin is getting married for many reasons but most important, now maybe people will finally believe our relationship is purely platonic."

Then Jason's sister gave a sweet talk with a great one liner at the end... :)
Then Lars debuted our Love Story Video.

Then as the grand finale my dear friend since 6th grade, Ashley Goodrich Dixon, gave an embarrassing account of my teenage years! It was fantastic!

Then Jason and I spoke thanking everyone for coming.  I also said, "I've picture this moment for many many years.  And I am happy to say the wait has definitely been worth it."

Followed by our first dance to Louis Armstrong's When you Wish Upon a Star.  Here I should add that I had THE best DJ/MC you could possibly imagine.  Mossi can make any event the BEST!

After we danced we invited everyone to join us on the dance floor as my best friend Joanie sang "La Vie en Rose".  It was absolutely magical.

Enough with the commentary.  The pictures tell the rest of the story.

And this is where I guess we say, "And They Lived Happily Ever After."