Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Attack of the Lululemon

I knew it would happen.  I really hoped it wouldn't.  But alas here it is.  All of my worked out classes have been plastered with this:
My first introduction to Lululemon was a few years ago Lars and I wondering around some mall.... Might have been Waikiki, or Old Town Pasadena or maybe even the the Americana at Brand in Glendale.  All I know is I remember walking into this all girl workout store and being in heaven. Rows and rows of long workout tops........ shorts in every length possible........... and oh the jackets.  

I started stacking pile after pile of workout clothes in my arms as I couldn't wait to try them on!  Then it happened.  Of course Lars had to be the one to burst my bubble.  He grabbed a price tag.  Probably to a jacket and said, "A HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS?????"  And yes that was when my parader came crashing to a halt   

Well I don't know how it happened.... I have a suspicion that the manager gave all my aerobic instructors gift cards or coupons.... but all I know the past month all my instructors have been wearing only one brand of clothing.... Lululemon.

Of course you can imagine what has happened in my workout classes.  I am blinded by the symbol of the clothes that part of me detests.  As soon as the instructor started wearing the brand.....everyone has too.

I said only part of me detests it because.... the bottom line is.... it produces the most darling workout clothes imaginable.  But $60 for a top and up to $100 for bottoms??? Add shoes socks and sports bra and your outfit can be clothes to $250!!!  Workout 6 days a week.... and that can be over a thousand dollars easily in work out clothes.

But part of me questions.... is it worth it?  

So I gave up caffeine again.  I know I know, I keep doing it.  This time hopefully is for good.  I've been having lame health issues and caffeine doesn't help them.  

So when I used to come to the gym all pumped up ready to go.... now I feel like a half-dead fat slug who just rolled out of bed.  

So I tested a theory the other day... I got up 10 minutes earlier, put on one of my favorite workout outfits and did something I have been totally against .. I put on make up.  

The  result.  I felt better about myself.  I worked harder.  And had a better workout.

My conclusion.  Lululemon.  I will continue to try and avoid you.  But if putting on a $60 shirt makes a girl work out harder.... more power to her.


Natalie said...

if you're a teacher you get a discount there.

i don't like lululemon or maybe it's just the type of girl in SF that wears lululemon?

theriddle said...

Tell me I gave you the solution in pink yesterday in the mall as our former student looked at her mentors. Oh and CALL ME SOMETIME ok?