Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It's weird.  No matter how much experience I have, no matter how perfect I know I am for a position, no matter how much I have prepared it's still the same.  I still get butterflies.  I still get kinda nervous.  I still shuffle in my seat.

Last week I had a two hour interview.  Yes, 120 grueling minutes.  Ok, it wasn't that grueling because it was really fun to feel the butterflies go away.  It's fun to realize you are the perfect candidate for the job.  It's fun to feel the whole culture change from you trying to impress them to them trying to impress you.

The bummer part?  I didn't take the job.

Can't call me Principal next year..........

But the good news?  It's good to feel those butterflies every once in a while.

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Matthew and Lindsey said...

Remember that time you walked up to me in a singles ward and said "hey do you want to be my friend?" * years later and going strong ?:) Introvert? I think not!