Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Notch in the Belt.

Well, I'm finished with another year of teaching.  Today is the last Heart to Heart.  A reflection of the year.

As I've previously discussed I am disgusted with education.  I am having a difficult time in so many ways.  So it's days like today that I am able to see some type of reward for the hours and hours of painstakingly difficult work.

Today they take one  last map test.  On average my kids know 150 countries in the world now.  Which clearly make me feel like I did something of value. But more important I give one last assignment to answer the writing prompt, "How are you a different person than who walked into Miss Parson's door for the first time 9 months ago?"

It's been a rough year in my community, 3 suicides. One was my student. But the overwhelming theme of the answers to the prompt was, "This world is awesome, there are so many amazing people, and I want to help better the world." As a social studies teacher... I don't think there is more I could ask for.

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Camile said...

That's awesome Kristin! We need more teachers like you.